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सितम्बर 27, 2020
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If you dream to build your own city? Do you want to be an entire city owner? Hello! Idol Frontier: Tap Town Tycoon (Free Shopping MOD) - Opportunity is open at the corner of the tank especially if you are not afraid of a small press. The game Kongregate, developed by Animation, released the game You are responsible for developing a beautiful little town next to a river. With a large number of large shopping centers Conversion of the townspeople and prosperous city.

Summary about Idle Frontier: Tap Town Tycoon MOD APK

Summary about Idle Frontier: Tap Town Tycoon MOD
2D, Simulation, Offline
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Android 5.0
Beginning to build a city

At the beginning of the game, there is only one store, one factory, one horse and a cargo ship in your town. At this point, if you work really hard and invest you need to develop your city. Run to touch your buildings, produce goods and make a profit.

The game production process is simple enough to understand. The first product, the goods in the store. Then your goods are delivered to the post car. Moving a car dock from this post office continues to make your goods. Cargo boats will take their goods to other areas, and then some money will be transferred to your account. You can skip the step. If you draw position breaks, are congested and overgrown.

Grow your city

Passive Frontier Hahnenstadt Tycoon is a passive game with very simple gameplay. You can do anything you need to do to anyone while you play the game, press, press and press play. Perfect! Click City, use the finger to help produce homes that produce different types of work goods.

You walk in the middle of the city and the track: Besides cars, change is mild and some dirt road river, this non-interactive game is also very difficult. It's not time yet. Fortunately, you see this place grow a rich curve! Click on your frumpy expanding business empire to build a grocery store, hire workers, even commercial goods and collect equipment. You can also improve their business and everything automated you can be eliminated.

Upgrade City

You can increase the amount of goods produced to improve the buildings in the city. Post upgrades carry more items, ship upgrades will help you increase the amount of merchandise you can sell to earn more coins. In my opinion, you should improve every building. If an upgrade is not enough to focus on the dock every train delivers to their luggage. Or if you upgrade some factories, you may or may not sell many leftovers.

Hire manager

Because of the indirect Frontier Hahnenstadt Tycoon's indirect game, you can do everything from the manager to any building press with himself. It helps reduce the screen press version. You keep the game off even after their employees work. Think about how much work your employees back in the game.

The manager makes your work setting automatically. In my opinion, you should be a manager of dock and factory rentals. Two are not required for our services. Helps troubleshoot and administrator summoning service settings.


Passive Frontier Hahnenstadt Tycoon's colorful 2D graphics bring you so much for peace and happiness. Despite the game, not the same high-quality graphics, but innocent, bright pictures as well, you experience this game every time you play happy and satisfied. City people are pictured in a cute Chibi picture.


Just like the city with friendly people, the indirect Frontier Hahnenstadt Tycoon brings a very comfortable and pleasant and extremely attractive environment. Some bats just ruin the entire operation but be careful waiting for an opportunity. After all, this is the Wild West. "