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सितम्बर 11, 2020
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Bored with the usual game efforts to switch a horror game today. The game is called Horror Field (Vision MOD) you imagine today. Right from the beginning, even if it was just a trial, the unprecedented attraction of the world of horror game fans" "exciting" " And that's scary around. Also, if you ever enjoy taking and worrying about other players in an online horror game? Do not guess it. Are required.

Horror Field Mode apk summary

Name - Horror Field

Publisher - Skytec game continues

Genre - Style 3D, scary, online

Latest version - 1.1.5

Size - 100 MB

MOD Features - sea eagle

Platform - Android

Get over it

Death background

Horror field-specific expeditions can be lost telling a mysterious old village. On a daily basis, it's wildly weird and funny. There is no life. Without them, a villainous killer of this village is waiting for the less fortunate visitors to submit their lives. Who is he? A psychopath or murderer? What? Can you survive? Only you can answer that question.

Hit or Die

The game has a unique status. Because of the field of horror online games, you are given a group of five other people online. Then you can play one role in two different roles: including killer or assassin.

In the role of adventure, you can choose one of the fourth few characters with a certain unique skill and skill suitable for each character in each game role. For example, Stacy's doctor. Control treatment medication is chest life and collect other members to preserve. In addition, there are 7 different characters in the game to choose from. Regardless of which character you use, you are also able to win your part is well connected to other players, though.

The Horror Field Card is completely closed. Find the objects necessary or secret weapons are hidden everywhere in the village, they need to survive. To survive through all stages of the game, you will be the winner. On the contrary, you must accept death. Make sure you think of this game as a frightening step.

But I think I would prefer another role. As a psychopath, you may feel uncomfortable. As the FPS shooting game zombies, you have to find other players in my control psychopath. If you are a psychopath, they can not attack you. Feel freehand blades and those who dare to destroy your country, alas. Special approach, when considering the situation of other players. They will lose the marks. It is to determine its position and signal movement direction.

But not so easy in the game. You'll absolutely have to kill a few times to die for other players. If you do not act quickly, it is one of the other players you just found and saveable to play the following games in the remaining period. And of course, you're a loser. But anyway, hunting is better than being chased by other people.

There are many different characters in psychology 7 unique costumes. Bring the most interesting to each character player, is a rather unique hunting style.

Scary design

Since this is a horror game, of course, the field of horror is one of the typical horror colors. The old ancient village seemed to indicate the unconscious feeling that light was imminent. Enjoy a horror movie like you. Every frightening detail of the game is described as realistic as possible. In addition, the dirt effects are very scary, but still exciting players.


Currently, the game does not support more languages, English is only in beta. Also because of the horror element, of course, the player ages 18 to the horror field.

Overall, one can say that I've played horror games Most Interestng and each one unique. There is no reason to leave the game plenty of love horror games. I'm sure one thing the Horror Field will be the most popular name in 2018th.