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ऐप्स , Offline Games , RPG , 2D Games
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सितम्बर 18, 2020
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Mod Features:
Unlimited Money/Tickets, Unlocked All Girls
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Attack On Moe H (MOD Unlimited Money / Unlocked A) is an action RPG developed by Nutaku. Perhaps the name Nataku is not so foreign to us. It is one of the most popular anime-style game publishers in the world.

Summary of Attack On Moe H MOD APKs

Name - Attack On Moe H

Editor - Nutaku

Genre - 2D Games, Offline Fine Games, RPG

Latest Version - 3.8.2

Size - 51 MB

MOD - includes unlimited Money / Tickets, Unlocked All Girls

Platform - Android 5.0

Generally, NuTaku produces games with strategic gameplay, but they also create games with simple, hands-free gameplay to maximize time. But don't think it's not interesting. The gameplay is simple, but the gameplay is very spectacular. You can try Pocket Weifu or Fappa CEO to watch a game with inactive gameplay, but it's not boring. And today the game I presented to you, Attack On Moe H is also an interesting game with such simple gameplay.


The Pixel Kingdom is peaceful and prosperous. But one day your kingdom will suddenly be attacked by super beautiful huge girls. You play the role of the elite haired Knight Fighting elite girls. But the interesting thing is that these girls are not human but monster girls. With the sword of courage and myth, you can defeat those who want to break the peace of the state.

Play the game

On the battlefield, you control the main character, who fights with swords and fights enemies. Your task is very simple, you constantly touch the screen and attack the huge girl. If you can't beat it, I don't know what will. With a huge body, a single kick can ruin your state.

As I said, Attack On Moe H is a key to clicker gameplay. Touch the screen to attack the huge girl. The number of attacks is the number of times you clicked the screen. The more you click, the more damage the enemy gets.

Hire super hot warriors

The brave women who bring you to the front are warriors. But the interesting thing is that they are not human but super-sharp monster girls. Some are warriors, others magicians, and so on. They don’t just start with a system reserved for girls. To raise more girls, you must hunt and recruit more powerful warriors. In particular, the game has an interesting feature that you can use for girls when you are recruiting.

Update system and events

By Attack On Moe H, you can upgrade your own monster girls. The enemy is getting stronger, you have to improve the girls to fight and protect the state. After you kill each monster, you will receive a reward for upgrades. You can upgrade devices, they can be damaged at any moment ...

However, this is not just for girls who need to be strong. As a leader, you need to train to be strong. You can learn powerful skills to help or attack your girls.

Nutaku is known as a publisher who constantly interacts with players and regularly provides events at attractive prices. You will not be bored and always have a purpose in playing the game. New events typically last 7 to 14 days, and there will be more events soon. So, be sure to check the event regularly and get the job done to get countless prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Take note of the Attack On Moe H (MOD Unlimited Money / Tickets / Unlocks)
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In terms of graphics, Attack On Moe H is done very carefully on behalf of the developer. The characters are created in a unique, sexy anime style. The graphics of the game are a combination of casual anime style and chibi and include all the titles represented by Nutaku. In addition, the game's interface is designed to make it easier for players to play. The sound is also very lively and it easily inspires players.

Guess times

Attack On Moe H is a really interesting game and the time you spend with it is well worth it. The gameplay is simple but very good, so you can save your free time. There are some NSFW images in the game, which require you to be at least 17 years old. Join the fight with the hot girls of the planet and save the Pixel Kingdom, huge girls.