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सितम्बर 29, 2020
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Transformers really impressed the audience in the world since its inauguration in theaters. After watching this movie, we begin to ask" "Can a robot turn our car and save the world?" If you think, why not mention this change robot movie, the answer is to present'em related above you in this game. Yes), the latest game publisher Rovio.

Summary about Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK

Name - Angry Birds Transformers

Publisher - Rovio

Genre - 3D, Entertainment, Action, Offline

Latest version - 1.49.6

Capacity - 59M

MOD Feature - Unlimited Money

Support - Android 4.1

Trouble is ... Transformer birds combined with

Angry Birds Transformers, we have no relation with each other, while other huge robots will be transformer aliens are beautiful birds. Angry birds live on a tropical island. But the developers with great creativity in Rovio, they brought us a perfect mix of very interesting game, between Angry Birds and Transformers.

Angry Birds Transformers is an arcade action genre arcade game, not a match-3 puzzle game, not a shooting compilation game. The gameplay is similar to the gameplay Jetpack Joyride. Angry birds will collect the screen and the gold blue pigs will shoot across the character flying left of the control. Right. They are no longer small and sweet Angry Birds. Well, they can convert a helicopter or upgrade weapons with a car of auto birds, birds. However, Piggy Island Auto can save birds. To prevent Eggbot, they should bring DECEPTIHOGS with your enemies combined.

Play with the finger

Right. You can only play finger Angry Birds Transformers. Auto BIRDS Proceed you need to automatically touch enemies and attack enemy strongholds. Beware of some stone towers. It's when you fall you take it. Due to the speed of the movement of the car or the plane of the car, the button is switched to touch. Remember to make two forms of auto birds, robots and vehicles. And you can only if they attack in the form of robots. One step to overcome all obstacles, you are at the next level. And if you lose your character from the blood (indicated by the heart symbol) will be considered.

Meet familiar characters

Angry Birds Transformers, Of course, sports players may be interested in the sign system. Most likely, publisher Rovio is very good at it. If Angry Birds Transformers play series transformers like Optimus Prime and bumblebee meet familiar characters in the form of beautiful Angry Birds (red, chuck and bomb). Decepticons also appear with the size of blue pigs.

You can unlock the characters very well and cool to play. Each character has the ability to transform a robot and thus a motorcycle, car, truck, other vehicle ... Levels throughout the game contributed to increasing the performance of the team collection characters. You know, the characters gain enough strength to overcome the difficulty level of advanced weapon upgrades. There are two ways to improve your character with gold or diamonds. The currency of gold coins can get you on your adventure, but there are a few hours (wait a few minutes for a while). If you are not a patient person, then the upgrade process uses expensive diamonds to be found immediately.

Why Use Angry Birds Transformers Mod?

When I reached level 30, things were more difficult. Eggbot is a very strong weapon-decor and they are many stone towers. You have to constantly make changes to the vehicle and they cannot attack. Our Angry Birds Transformers Mod gives you a lot of money and diamonds. You can upgrade and unlock new characters. With

Many interesting positions

There are many things you have to do in this game. Angry Birds Transformers brings a lot of very interesting status player. In addition to the standard model, you can try your best endless run mode. Here all the characters have encountered. Bird in a car, die a visible and keep fighting.

In addition, you can change colors for robots in hats, armor, unlock your car can customize the bird. Create a unique robot with your creativity. Another medium of sport and many interesting features are waiting for you. Don't miss out!


In terms of design, Angry Birds Transformers 3D graphics with a horizontal view on mobile devices. Direct 3D graphics with many scenes in my tour. They are beautiful beaches, deserts, rainforests, caves, and snow-capped mountains. Although it is an action game, the characters are formed, the way they are very nice to fight. Thanks to that, it's easy for all audiences, including the right kids.

In the final

Angry Birds Transformers is a new and extremely fun game Angry Birds. Each level is only about 2 minutes, you can play this game for hours, but you can only when they are playing 5 minutes. In this unique game, Angry Birds Forgotten Catapult, both modern weapons. If you do not forget how to leave a comment under this article.