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oct. 07, 2020
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Unlimited Candy/Gems
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When Tom's mobile gaming market has become the most popular cats in an Outfit7 Tom published some years ago in my application. The cat position is very sweet, but are lazy and do not speak, you speak human language. In this game you have to decorate the room for little Tom, Tom buys clothes and grow. The game has a lot to contribute to an increase in the animal lovers on your phone cat. I bought my Tom has attracted a large number of which, several mini-games in which players can earn more money every day they cat stuff. Gradually the tendency is not to slow down as a player and slow down playing mini-games, editor Outfit7 has developed many more exciting mini-games. Why run talking Tom Candy Run.

Tom Candy Store

Bulimia since she has a cat, they love to eat sweets in a candy store open on a tome corner. One day, she takes a tail thief stealth and stole all the candy store. Fortunately, when it reaches to chase away thieves Tom. Get the pursue his favorite dessert to help Tom thief.

Simple and fun gameplay

If you've played mini-games through my Tom, you can see that these games are very simple gameplay, just touch control on the screen, no players require complicated tasks to do. On the screen, two arrow keys, and you're going down. Tom Thief automatically track the direction will not be able to run backwards, or touch the up arrow when you want to jump over obstacles below, or you can roll arrows. Retouching is twice the arrow above Talking Tom Cat.

I almost feel like the game Subway Surfers, but makes it a little easier. Tom Candy Run gives the player the ease and response needed when obstacles arise when you do not want to be agile Tom.But remember, the most important task to defeat the candy, the way the thief. It would certainly be a very nice track.

Characters that you love,

Talking Tom, there are seven familiar characters include Talking Angela, Hank, talk to talk to Ginger Ben, Board Tom and Ben unlock Brainiac. Do you know her? Choose your favorite character to take part in the hunt.

Pass through many places in the world

The game gives you the opportunity to travel around the world ticket. More than 80 different locations, 80 levels will surprise you. Cartoon style color games on the wrong player fits all ages. I saw that as the game is not made, the original version. Talking Tom Candy Run is designed to make it easier for more versatile in a variety of devices, including low-end devices. Download graphics in 2D, you can, without having to worry about how to configure your phone.

Run you have to play Talking Tom Candy?

Overall, people who I love talking Tom Candy Run, this game is essentially on your phone. Three minutes at each level only two residences, so you need to worry about the distractions it can play whenever you want.If you want to enjoy MOD Talking Tom Candy Run? Currently, the game is both iOS and Android versions. You can download the following text links.