Syahata Bad Day Mod APK

Syahata Bad Day Mod APK 0.79 Télécharger Pour Android 2024

App par:
0.79 Pour Android
Mis à jour le:
nov. 29, 2023
124 MB
Requis Android:
9.0 and up

Syahata Bad Day Mod APK is a 2D pixel side-scrolling game that puts you in the shoes of the protagonist, who must escape from a nightmarish place filled with zombies. In this thrilling adventure, players must navigate through various obstacles and dangers to reach a shelter.


The game's controls are simple and straightforward, allowing players to easily control the protagonist's movements. By tapping on the right side of the screen, you can move forward, and by tapping on the left side, you can go back. Additionally, you can jump and attack by tapping the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The Escape

The main objective of the game is to guide the protagonist through treacherous terrain, avoiding zombies and other obstacles along the way. As you progress through the levels, you will encounter a variety of challenges, such as crumbling platforms, deadly traps, and treacherous waterways.

Dangers Abound

The zombies in Syahata Bad Day Mod APK zombies chase the protagonist. These undead creatures are fast and agile, and their attacks can be deadly. Players must be careful and vigilant to avoid getting caught by them, as getting caught accidentally will result in an indescribable fate.

Beta Testing and Ideas

The game is currently in beta and being actively developed by a team of talented game developers. The team welcomes feedback from players and is always open to new ideas. If you have any suggestions or improvements for the game, please share them with the team. You can do this by visiting the game's official forum or reaching out to them directly.


Syahata Bad Day Mod APK is an innovative and exciting 2D pixel side-scrolling game that combines challenging gameplay with an eerie atmosphere. With its simple controls and unique setting, this game offers thrilling experiences for players. Make sure to try it and provide feedback to the team as they continue working on this exciting project.

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