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juin 26, 2020
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Marmalade Game Studio
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Monopoly (Payment, The MoD is Open to All) is a very popular board game for Android. Like most board game genres, it is, so do not miss the game. It's not just a game for fun, but a The board game also has many business elements. It allows you to get to know what you have in rich banks, build homes payroll taxes, lease land to invest a lot of money and jobs.

Summary about Monopoly MOD APK

Name - Monopoly

Publisher - Marmalade Game Studio

Genre - 3D, Board, Online

Latest Version - 1.0.8

Size - 74MB

MOD Features - Unlocked All

Platforms - Android 5.0

Get over it

Without PC smartphones and gaming, a Monopoly was a popular game for adults and children. It's perfect for playing with family or friends on weekends. However, if you do not always play a vital role in your busy present life. Due to the popularity of the game, Jam Games Studio has developed a version for Android. You can play online with players directly from the world on your phone. The Monopoly link will be totally free of cost at our article you can download for $ 4.99 below.

History of board games development

In 1934, the town German made a very interesting monopoly (board game) of this game man named Charles B. Darrow. In these years, the United States was facing an economic crisis. Like many people, Charles is unemployed. He uses this game to kill time with your friends.

This game makes fever in no time. With the help of a printing company, the Board of Charles sold 5,000 sports equipment in a department store in the city. Boardgame is not stopping you for speed German. If everyone became unable to deliver the familiar Darrow order, he decided to sell his game to Parker Brothers. Not only in America but also the West love this business game. About 100 years of development, more than 80 countries and 16 monopoly sales translated into various languages.

How many players Monopoly?

Monopoly starts with at least two players, and the maximum number of players, 8. The game does not lead to 2 players, because if there are only two players on a chessboard, the competitiveness of the game is reduced. If there are 4 or more players, some features, such as auctions, are just amazing. Every player has a good train or happiness, there is rarely a chance for another.

I think Monopoly is a lot of fun when the player about 6. At this time, each player's role. If you win a few players, there are not many activities for the rest of the players.

8 Maximum number of Monopoly players. If there are 8 players to play many interesting things. But to complete you will have to wait longer for other players to spend the series. These are your tricks, games, while other players have plenty of activities away.


A number of Monopoly table games include:

  • 2 dice.
  • Token of animals, trains or anything. Make players on the board.
  • 1 board.
  • Money.
  • 32 houses.
  • 12 hotels.
  • MOCA.
  • Land use documents.

The game of Monopoly is not much different than the actual board game. First, shake your move with two dice and set boards (clockwise). Basically, if you move an empty field, you can pay yourself to the banks. Hiring another player property, you have to pay for it. If you refuse, an empty set of purchases, it will be auctioned off by the bank. All players on the board are allowed to participate, the player refuses to buy the land.

Finally, if a player goes bankrupt, he or she loses and the game is out. Players, other players bankruptcies of player fraud. If the game runs out of time, then the richest player wins. Buy boxes that allow you to rent some special boxes or country chests of opportunity and community. If you are lucky, you can get some money from the bank. But no, you go to jail. Do not worry! If you didn't want to lose you in prison, you have to stay out for a certain number of rounds and make others move their players. You can still get a number of activities such as construction law, because of the auction when taking prison.

Customizable rules

A monopoly is for a very long time, popular almost 100 years ago. Some rules make players feel bored. Monopoly rules have you have such rounds in the mode that you can edit, lock a few cells in the prison number, etc.


Currently, Monopoly has two modes for playing other online players with AI. The game is not only an artificial beat, but they are also real challenge for the players. You need to have a smart business strategy to defeat them.

Do you want to join the monopoly with your family when you are away from home, and on weekends? A monopoly can help that. The game allows you to create your own space and can invite your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other monopoly mod?

A monopoly will cost $ 4.99. You can change the original APK version for free. All the token boards in our MOD version were unlocked. You just have to download and install and have fun. It's very simple.

How to install a monopoly mod?

1. Uninstall Monopoly if you download it from Google Play.

2. Selecting Settings allows for direct installation from unknown files -> Security. Choose enabled from unknown sources.

3. Download our APK file and install it normally.

4. Please open and play a fun game.


Monopoly instead provides a beautiful 3D city on paper to paint like a real-life board game set. The effects and sounds are quite simple, so you can have the best experience.


Monopoly is a very popular board game in the world. This game is suitable for all ages, everyone can play with children. To win the game, you need a lot of factors such as strategy, adequate investment, and compelling factor luck. This is to play a great game with family and friends, holidays and weekends. Do not forget to update APKMODY, the information is for everyday visit one of the most interesting games for Android.