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Fortunately, the pitcher android apk is one of the most popular apps in the world of MoD. This app allows multiple actions impossible for a normal user as a miracle tool. Purchase ...

APK's Lucky Patcher Summary

Name - Lucky Patcher 

Publisher - ChelpuS Release

Genre - Hack Tool 

Latest version - 8.6.3

Size - 8M

MOD Features - No.

Support - Android 2.3

Generally, we are not the luck pitcher. But imagine that you are not just a big game to download, but need to limit the characters and objects to be unlocked by resources. To unlock it you have to spend your money on Google Play Gateway to buy your money. But now, aren't you a dime?

Obviously, the game/app developers need to make money. But sometimes it's so secret, I just need to use the luck pitcher !!!

Main features of Lucky Patcher

You may not believe a lot to make this application. It is also regularly updated to support most mobile phones and many different games and applications.

Remove the ad

  • Games or apps on Android often integrate AdMob ads. These ads pop-ups will disappoint, however, the fun is to disrupt its progress. Lucky Patcher, you can easily remove annoying ads in any application.

Mod easy game

  • You can easily play a lot of mod / crack many happy pitcher and gold and precious stones game. Note that this function requires root privileges.
  • If there are daily updates, you can apply a list of customized games  Patcher to the homepage custom patches related patches.

Free Shopping Free App

  • You also do not need to waste money to buy items in this game. Just a  Patcher and you can store your favorite tracks without having to buy real money.

Bypass License verification

  • It does not exist independently for all applications on the Google Play Store. This allows you to call yourself a security net if you have the ability to run APKs that do not have the paid apps license check. And the license verification deal, you pay for the apps before you go shopping to make them better.

Purchase paid apps for free

  • After leaving Stage Payment on Google Play, you will acquire paid applications for free.

Removed app permissions

  • Some apps that have approved games are questionable. For example, there is an offline game, but you need an internet connection? Remove any unwanted permissions from your application.

Clone the app

  • Lucky Patcher provides users with support for the Clone app on your phone.

The switches in Lucky Patcher

Turns out the  Patcher is not related to the kind of other utility functions that are involved in these key features. In fact, the list that you automate tasks in conjunction with application management:

  • Automatically move memory card applications
  • Move your apps to device memory
  • Automatic update system applications
  • Automatically install backup or update programs APK
  • Google Simulation Verification License
  • Google billing simulation

Some questions about Lucky Patcher 

I like mod coin subway surfers, will this app help me?

  • Quite probably. You can just help Subway Surfers Lucky Patcher run himself to the temple, talk to Tom like a mode of popular mobile game ... easy and fast. However, it does not work with all games and applications. The name of the game is that you can help the mod, unfortunately, Lucky Patcher this time make the application screen red.

Need a wedge root, fortunately?

  • It can work without using some other features. But I recommend Android devices to avoid problems with the first page.

Why does it take so long for me to install the app?

  • It really depends on your device. Your device is faster than faster at the time of application installation.

The unit pitcher installation stopped bliss, what can I do?

  • You need to allow an unknown source to be installed, and instead, playing off on the Google Play install may be protected.

Does the application support multiple languages?

  • Of course. Such languages ​​include English, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Chinese because fortunately, Patcher will support multiple languages ​​... you can choose language settings.

Why is Google Lucky Patcher Warning a Virus?

  • During use, you will get a warning that luck get the wedge virus. Do not disturb sites. This is a hacking tool, but this application is not malicious software. It is secure on all devices and has no access to user data.

Why are apps also different colors?

The luckiest pitcher was to install a list of applications on your phone on the screen. The application depends on the ability to succeed on behalf of the application, different colors and there will be some information about the application.

  • A green license check is found, then holding for a few minutes and removing the license. In this case, the success rate is very high.
  • Red: You have no patches for this application or patches.
  • Blue: Remove the Google Ads found in Google Ads. However, it can sometimes be used to create applications.
  • Yellow: Patch for their own patches and applications.
  • Purple: list of app launches.
  • Why System Application. These programs should be patching checks.

What Lucky Patcher Support iOS?

  • No, only Android 2.3 is applicable and only it is running.


Simple, safe, easy to use, is a great app for Android devices. I can play MOD games on Google Play Many times this app helped me with many games. Fortunately, the pitcher was a great Android device that was free of permissions, disappearing to change purchases in the MOD game ad purchase app.

In addition to the features above, this app helps you manage and play with applications on your Android phone a lot of useful features. You can download the app on your phone with this article at the link. Good luck!