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oct. 09, 2020
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Unlimited Money
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Download Idle Home Makeover MOD APK (Unlimited Money) and show your design talent. Create unique buildings and win the “best home decorator” award in this game!

Overview information

NameIdle Home Makeover
PublisherZPLAY Games
Version1.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Introduce about Idle Home Makeover

If you like design games, Idle Home Makeover is a great option for you.

This game from ZPlay Publisher will make your dream of becoming an architect come true. Put aside speed races or intense gun battles, because now is the time to relax with Idol Home Mac!

Decorate your home

Idle Home Makeover provides players with an open three-dimensional space for the design and construction of homes.

Initially, the game delivers only raw, unfinished constructions. Players need to transform this unfinished building into a beautiful building and decorate it.

So what do you do You have to do everything from choosing materials for the ceiling and floor to plastering to tiles.

From a simple and undeveloped home, players transform their creativity to turn it into a luxurious and beautiful home.

More than just building and designing!

Idle Home Makeover not only builds homes but also provides more challenges for players to win. Players have the opportunity to achieve what they have tried in the past.

In particular, these challenges are fairly easy to do, e.g. B. Lay enough tiles on the wall or paint a certain color. But sometimes players have to design according to the need of the system, and of course, it is a bit more difficult.

You will complete the assigned tasks for additional bonuses. It is used to buy more advanced materials.

When building homes, Idol Home Makeover will also ask players some random questions to challenge. These questions often revolve around home repairs. For example, if any part of the balcony is damaged, the player has to choose which device is most suitable for repair.

These questions are usually entertaining so gamers should not experience real home repairs. But if the choice is wrong, this house is breaking down and you have to get started.

Not only the home but also the players underline the creativity and equip the environment. To keep the house cool, plant a lot of big trees next to it, plant a nice garden in the window or in the front yard. There are many other decorations in Idle Home Makeover. Let's join the game and explore.


As a design game, Idle Home Makeover has a wide range. From ceilings, paint, brick, and wood floors to wrap. They vary in size and shape.

Idol Home Makeover also focuses on practicality. When designing and building, players must ask themselves if it is suitable for living. Or will anyone who designs a home for it be happy with the interior finish of that color?

In another aspect, players have to pay to get furniture or materials to build a house. In particular, simple materials can be purchased with cash, while purple diamonds should be used in slightly more advanced materials.


When home style makeover is compared to similar games, the graphics in Idle Home Makeover are not really that great.

However, the publishers did their best to design the furniture in detail. Players will soon choose a context with a ray of light that gives a sense of comfort.

Mod apk version of Idle Home Makeover

MOD Function

Unlimited Money: You start the game with 1 billion diamonds. Use diamonds to exchange money.

  • You need a MOD. The reason why the version should be used
  • You don’t have to spend much time touching the pink pig.
  • Complete the house quickly and easily.

Download Idle Home Makeover Mod for Android

Building and decorating your home is an effective way to relieve stress after a busy day at work. Idle Home Makeover is simple, easy to play, and fun. It is suitable for people of all ages.

Prove that you have pure eyes and beauty by downloading this game and then creating unique homes!