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nov. 18, 2023
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Haileys Treasure Adventure APK - Hailey's farm was visited by a man one day. He told her about her father's debt and asked her to marry him. She refuses to marry him and says she will return the money. Upon hearing her response, the man told her that her father was a mine explorer and that he had shared a map of where he had hidden all his treasures. Only people carrying his blood are allowed to enter those mines, since they are cursed. The treasure collection was to be done within a month, which he gave her.


A character named 'Hailey' is controlled by you. A rich man visits her farm one day while she is planning a trip with her sister. They learned about her father's debt and the promise he made to any of his daughters. It is unfortunate that he is missing for the last ten years, so the sisters are stuck paying the debt or marrying him.

When Hailey refuses to marry him, she tells him that she will pay the debt if he allows her some time. As she realizes the opportunity, the man tells her about her father's previous career. Spelunking was his hobby. He found some secret treasure in different mines during his early days and hidden it away with 23 stone keys. It is only possible to access those mines if you carry his blood.

The man agrees to relieve them of their debt if she brings him the treasure, but he has one condition. It must be done within one month.


Explore mines, collect ore and jewels, and find a stone key in each level. You must avoid being knocked down by vicious enemies who are eager to satisfy their wicked desires. To defend yourself, use your pick-axe and explosives. With collected money and jewels, you can upgrade your character's abilities, purchase consumables and clothing.

Update on Halloween

The player can now collect pumpkin tokens scattered throughout the level to spin a wheel of fortune for rewards. If you have 5 or more tokens, press "E" near the wheel.

Features of Haileys Treasure Adventure APK

A thrilling experience

As a result of its unique approach to level design, App Free features a variety of levels that each pose a different challenge. As you progress, the levels become increasingly difficult, starting with simple tasks and puzzles that won't require much thought. You will have to react faster and adapt more quickly.

A stunning display of graphics

Simple art design makes the game easy on the eyes. Although it is not a graphic powerhouse, its use of colors and menus gives everything a clean look. Despite taking place mostly in a mine, the excellent use of colors and lighting helps to illuminate the world without making it appear too dreary or murky.

Animations that are smooth

Hailey's Adventure Mobile is an amazing 2D adventure game with detailed animations, character movements, and fluid actions. As well as objects and enemies on the map, such as the Assassin, the goblins, and the Head Hunter, these animations can be seen. There are also 12 new animations for characters in the latest version of the game.

An evolving map

Haileys Treasure Adventure is a world that is constantly changing. You'll experience new scenarios every time you dive into the mines thanks to the dynamic map system. As a result of the distinct features in the different zones of the map, it is very easy to follow the map. You can plan your adventures beforehand by gathering the necessary tools due to the map's nature.

Travel quickly

At first glance, the map in the game may not seem large, but as you progress, it expands. Because of this massive scale, moving through mines would be a chore, but the game's fast travel feature eliminates that issue.


Hailey's journey to the hidden treasures and the truth behind her father's past had taught her valuable lessons. She had discovered her own inner strength and learned the importance of standing up to injustice. With the treasure and the mysterious map, Hailey could now unravel the secrets of her father's past. The curse that had once threatened to consume her now held the key to her future.

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