Slaughter 2: Prison Assault MOD Apk para Android Descargar Gratis

1.42 para Android
Actualizado en:
ene. 07, 2020
Aplicación por:
Ray Spark
Mod Features:
Unlimited Ammo
Android requerido:
Android 4.4
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In the past decades, it has become mandatory for mobile devices shooters. Recently Slaughter 2:  Prison Assault (MoD Unlimited Bullets) Spark release of Android to iOS rays and horror shooter game. Times If you ever want to take shooter title of the year.

Keeping the prison nuts

Tsantsa checked by a mad man medicine called prisoners, they were really "bloodthirsty and horrible" Monsters. One day, cool night scene in prison. Suddenly the door flickered on a passer-by. Now nervously tries to escape to safety. Heavy sky, even if it runs away "rather than a large prison. To run out" because it is difficult to keep their life more risks.

While in this position, you will think about death. Luckily it was grabbed task force and a series of insane inmates broke jail in the sprinkler. Slaughter 2: You are sent to break the team member to play in his band Assault Task Force prison. Your job is to kill the bloodthirsty people and should be avoided now spread to humans. Start with 3 different levels of experience, such as beginners, as an experienced player. We start with the beginning. Because if you do not use the skills you have to pay the cost of his life. After the mission, you will have holdings still exist? Replies will be given later.

Remove threats

 Slaughter 2:  Prison Assault you are always surrounded by bloodthirsty inmates. They are like zombies in horror movies, there's always human blood and spread the disease to suck. With weapons in hand, you can use the guns, kill with daggers, or your own hands and fighting skills to destroy any threat.

Not so different from the traditional prison invasion shooting game, you need to connect the game to start, you can think of 2. Slaughter At first glance, the title of the game shooter zombie, but each game has its own interesting properties. For example Killbox: Battle Arena, you have to go down with his colleagues in real-time battles. But Lynch 2: Part jail passes Task Force and private investigation. Finished, find the bat and knockdown nuts takes place to find evidence of the terrible story Burdick, in prison.

Graphics and operating system

 Slaughter 2:  Prison Assault  Mobile Extension is designed for every catch and carefully built in beautiful 3D graphics on games for the eye. After the experience, I have no delay situation to bring a stunning experience adjusted, seems to be a very good game. The play has been game environment with a dark and dangerous night feeling sad scene that brings the players. Slaughter Action Attack Shooter decorated with a prison scene: 2 sound effects.

And with intuitive control, you can not get the right mouse button in the left corner of the monitor and control the movement of the target and shoot. It is designed to function keys to control, manipulate, easy operation, compact screen on mobile devices.


Today's lifestyle is very easy to download the game, but a shooting game selection is extremely difficult.  Slaughter 2:  Prison Assault game Prison Attack brings you very intense and frightening moments. When you get to experience it at night, it is more fun, select the game environment. The game is currently available for Android and iOS app stores to download via the link below.