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oct. 02, 2020
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Unlimited Money
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Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Iron Man, like superheroes, including myself, are ideal for any child. Have you ever been a hero character, fully thought about the power of Batman and Spider-Man? Join the superhero Rope Heroes: Fight vice Town (MOD Unlimited Money) to bring to justice and the preservation of peace.

Rope Summary of Heroes: Vice City mod apk

Rope Hero Name: Vice City

Release                                                    Name

Type 3D games, action games,                online games, RPG

The latest                                                   version 2.3

Size                                                              99m

MOD unlimited money

Android 4.1 Platform

Get over it

Brings you a heroic figure who never met superhero power and quality-oriented Publishing mine is an interesting game, Yan. In particular, you are connected to work in order to secure a superhero in the city.


Rope Heroes: Vice City takes an unexpected story. You can be lying on the hood of a car and speaks with her own superhero costume. You know that you know where you are. You as the head of the questions piled up. With no memories of the past warrior costumes and extraordinary power, you become a hero to let the city take part in hostage rescue and combat crime. We all know that if you fight against the infamous owner.

Become a superhero

Rope Heroes: Vice Town is an action role-playing game. In addition to an interesting story about the superhero characters, the game gives you the most eye-catching acrobatics. Criminals and fiery life in order to disturb the townspeople. There is an urgent need for innocent people.

You can blink of an eye the city of silk shoot Spider-Man is a rope swing everywhere. Then you have to fight the bad guys in town. For sensitive people, enough to make them "soft" and a warning appears in danger. But the boss, you'll have to use a strong hand. As GTA III, you can joke around and attack people. You police the same thing, but be careful. Police will track the gathering of many forces.

Upgrade your weapons

Rope Heroes: Vice City, you are not born a hero. But before the bad guys and grow your great strength, and you do not see a threat from terrorists. And crime-fighting, you will be on the notorious and dangerous gangs. So, you would like to have yourself armed with several weapons and improve their strength.

And the search is complete, then you attractive price, especially get the money. You can test your skills in a manner worthy of him ... Statistics and damaged or upgraded with a certain speed, the money, you can buy a variety of free machine guns, .. weapons, pistols, rifles. They offer you the option of a multi-fight situation. In addition, special vehicles will also help a lot of prosecution of criminals and hostage rescue.

Asked Questions

Vice City MOD: When the rope Money is not the hero?

They rope Hero: Vice Town (MOD Unlimited Money), you must first mission will receive the money after its completion. Enjoy!


As mentioned above, the cable car will be a great help to Hero Vice City. The game gives players a lot of vehicles. While you may be overwhelmed by supercars like BMWs, SUVs or motorcycles ... whatever more to see over 20 different types of military aircraft, helicopters or tank vehicles ... these fully and powerful military vehicles travel missions and tourist attractions if this beautiful can be used in the city.

Graphics and sound

Interesting and exciting role-playing, rope Hero: Vice City gives players a very realistic feeling with a perfect combination of sound and image. Investment to create 3D images, you are too immersed in acrobatics and fighting. You will also find just described most clearly in everyday life.

Ready to be a superhero?

Rope Heroes: Vice City GTA "superhero" version. Elements with a long and exciting action, you can discover many new things about the city as well as the mysterious superhero character. Fight against evil and wait to find heroes. Do not lose!