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oct. 18, 2019
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Android 4.1
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If you like to drive? If you love to travel by car? If you want to look at life through the window glass is going to several places? Proton Bus Simulator (MoD all open) concept is a game that can help you dream the first mission. Currently, the game is a beta version is totally free of cost. They can download games on the link. But before I get some information about this great simulation game.

Proton summaries only simulator mod apk

Proton Bus Simulator Name

Release                             MEP

Type 3D games,                 online games, simulation

The latest                            version of 223

Size                                     32m

MOD facilities                      open to all

Android 4.1                          Platform

Get over it

Bus Simulator proton is released, MEP is a bus driving simulation game. The game gives you the real experience of bus drivers. Under his trip so that you can see the difficulties of being a bus driver. We must thank the driver. It is responsible for the safety of thousands of passengers daily.

Game Play

The rates do not rush to be the worst game you've played many racing games like Asphalt 8. Of course, as a bus driver, you can not run with the intention to hit # 1 at 300 km / h. In this case, the number one priority is the safety of your passengers. You must take them to their desired goal or take you to safely stop passengers.

Security does not mean low-speed nature. Do not forget, time is an important part of every driver. Just because you can stay for a meeting when you leave you to leave you badly or test or go too slow. You need to take all the traffic rules and operation of the master bus driver skills. Race should not be known as fast speed, the relative order on the same street just take their work well while avoiding other small vehicles.

Interface and Graphics

Proton Bus Simulator is a simple and intuitive console. It's just a simulator: Ultimate. Many of the controls on the left side of the screen, you can adjust the direction and angle of contact with the screen on the left. On the right side, things are more complicated. Many are just some of the works to turn the keys operate the accelerator signal, brake, horn, ... is a formula that will help you win. You need smoothing to improve your ability to drive a car to go to gather the desired direction and every visit.

Proton bus simulator detailed and realistic 3D graphics. Transport equipment has also been enjoying the beautiful scenery at the traffic lights, signs, trees, with road maps, objects, extend the building, such as the city, ... to travel, you both up to the road. Such as the sun, rain, snow, fog, and day and night cycle experience more real, as the weather effects.

Tap the camera icon in the left corner of the screen, you can hide all control buttons. As a result, the driver calls the display shows a 100% view. This is a great and real experience for you. No ads have a logo that will affect your experience.

Note. A smartphone is a game for tablets with larger RAM, less than 1 g reduces the need for RAM. You can play this game with 512M RAM phone. If you are using 2G RAM phones you can choose from several advanced settings. Your device does not have enough RAM, you can not stop playing this game for a while.

Follow traffic rules

Proton bus simulator is an open-world simulation game. While it is an unreal world, does not mean that you do everything you can do that. When you are punished for violating traffic rules in light of the red ball or the wrong track, you will be punished. Much safety depends on you. Focus and vehicle standards. With the help of customers believe that you can get more passengers, the more money you earn.

Playing cards include multiple cities and countries. Developers are always simple cards, graphics and improved some other acts. Players can unlock new content after you have completed a number of missions. This is a free game, but some of the features and content that you have to pay to unlock. You can download a developer or an easy way out of our proton simulator you (MoD paid to support the open for all).

It's easy to customize

Proton Bus Simulator offers a variety of bus models with a beautiful interior. They are modeled by Noble, Trecomeco Hyundai Universe, such as buses updated in real life ... you are like motif in pink with Hello Kitty? After a hopeful color, you can create models with unprecedented style.


If you're a fan of simulation games total proton bus driving simulator is indispensable for a game on your phone. The game gives you a bus driver to be a real experience. Not only is the game, but you can also have a lot of experience in Travel time to play this great game and learn road safety lessons.