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dic. 11, 2019
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The Pokemon Company
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Android 4.0
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Pokémon TCG Online has long been considered one of the best PC card business games with Yu-Gi-Oh! And some other games. The game is directly inspired by its real card game for those who like to get a Pokemon card. Pokemon TCG online game Pokemon TCG Edition, because of the Coach Challenge Pokemon game 2011 issued by Microsoft, iPad, Android, and macOS Pokémon Company.

Pokemon they love? Animated series and millions of comic people around the world love it. Go Pokemon - In 2016, inspire publishers with different genres to include them in a sporting event.

How to play Pokemon TCG online

At the beginning of the game, Pokemon TCG online instruction has been expanded to help you understand the basic rules of the game. If you've ever played a card game in real life, so it's not so important. But new players can learn some difficulties, how to play.

Things like that aren't so hard to fix

Do not worry. Despite the game depth game with many unexpected techniques, the basic gameplay of Pokémon TCG Online is quite simple. 1v1 games are organized. How do you and other players bring your Pokémon to the ground on the cards?

In order to participate in the game, you have to arrange at least 25 cards, as well as a card energy card. At one point, you can use one of the Pokemon and only 6 Pokemon, including five Pokemon, left behind in the area.

The card can be contested, that is, its original card-specific Pokemon Pokemon that their original function is still ongoing or not yet developed. Of course, each Pokemon has its own abilities and cards and depends on its Origin characteristics.

How to develop a Pokemon card

For example, if you own a stock Pikachu card (default) and a Raichu card (step 1), you can use the Raichu Pikachu card to develop an application. New Raichu Year capabilities and features, such as Raichu card. Note that you only upgrade progressively, from the original jump to phase 2 or third

How to attack

The card already has the amount of loss and written skills along with information such as skill name, number of required energy map. You can use this ability to attack, if you have enough energy map, to counter-turn. You can only add one energy card at every opportunity, so you have the ability to use it properly.

In addition, if a Pokémon wants a job for a Pokémon, there is some energy map. Just one important factor in managing energy card numbers is to win Pokemon TCG online.

How to become a winner?

If the rival card is on the withdrawal, or the Pokemon with one Pokémon on the back in the opposing territory can not replace, or if you win one of the two players have 6 Pokemon Rival and six Rewards Cards to win.

What is a trainer card?

In addition to the two general types of cards, Pokemon cards, and power cards, Coach Map has some of the players on the map requirements. For example, increase Pokémon Pokémon healing power, draw more cards, change cards, ...

Many interesting activities

About Pokemon TCG Online Interesting thing game allows you around the world to play with other online players. You can get all the interest for friends in terms of a few friends who can with the same passion as Pokemon TCG. That's a Pokémon trading card game, this game is to practice the game with an artificial mode at any time.

How To Get Free Pokemon Cards?

They are almost passionate about the Pokémon trading card game and often buy this card, enter the code card 10 to get a Pokemon TCG free ticket online pack. It seems that the Pokemon Company is very interested in its own fans. It's a big thing for a fan because of I Pokemon TCG.


Overall it is worth a game Pokemon fans and card games to try with fans. Are You Ready To Become A Card Master Pokémon TCG Online? If you want to share some interesting things about the game, please leave a comment below the article.