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jun. 12, 2020
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LambdaMu Games
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Congratulations! You are the owners of galaxies between Gold Country living came after the New Apocalypse! Please note that countrymen are counting on you. 2013 was introduced for the first time, unlimited money pixels (MOD) were still viable App Store. But then, the developer LambdaMu game market, which started to develop games on the most popular was better than before and again.

Mod apk Pixel People Summary

Name pixel people

Publishing                      LambdaMu game

Type 3D games,             online games, simulation games, strategy games

The latest                        version 0.15

Size                                 48m

MOD                               unlimited money

Android 6.0                      Platform

Get over it

Your phone has a pixel people, a simulation and strategy game that you can direct an unreal city. After experiencing the disaster, residents will immediately start everything again to dust. In this game, you are responsible for providing for all to build the city's mayor and a better life.

Pixel City Construction

The building utilizes a difficult challenge for the city. Environmental protection, planning, design, politics, employment ... Pixel those of you who are in a city with many problems, including an authentic experience as mayor. Set in the center of town, the universe started as a small country. How on earth, it is to develop the ideal living conditions, things for living.

Start to build your city building. Buildings are growing slow and work according to their function. You know, as long as sufficient space, and you can get whatever form you want to set the condition of the building. ... banks, shopping centers, theaters, parks, schools, hospitals, residents won a large number of development. They are living, making a lot of money for the work and the city. Thanks for the money, you are going to build and expand the city.

Expand your city

Only a little more in a few categories - Expand your ideal Utopia seems very simple at the beginning of the mission. But the scenery is breathtaking. Mark Nothing but the black sky, bright stars that can be seen with the naked eye! People pixels for city-building components are easy to use, flexible. You can order or create a cozy cafe in an apartment next to the library. Now you can be a wait, OH Downtown also adds two parks.

You may be happy with social construction, etc. If you do not pay for the wonders of art, the city and the happiness of your little ones smile is a wonderful expression of its inhabitants by building parks.

Touch anything

Buildings are the largest source of income. You must pay attention to the condition of the building. The building visible energy icon, touch the building to keep it current. If not, the money is not generated in the building. In addition, you may get a surprise gift to touch the building with heart symbols.

Potential citizens

Simulation and management games like Pixel 2 people in the town of Little Big Town is an interesting feature of the player is perfectly acceptable to combine the two to create a new home for residents. For example, you can make a doctor's office worker and cook. After the combination will be successful, you have to put the right structures for their work.

You have to learn what you can hire people from 150 different pixel pairs of human couples who have to work for your business. What happens when you combine the mayor, the sheriff here? Vet or CEO? Learn the identity of each individual pixel is even more interesting.

Classic pixel graphics

Images, pixel people about simple and classic pixel graphics. The game makes me nostalgic. I feel that I'm playing old games from the '90s.


There is a lot to say about a game like Pixel people. The game helps you become a real mayor, who is responsible for the entire city. If you are a busy person, you can run this beautiful city for only 10 minutes a day. In addition, clones of people working and making money you have to pay the city extended its treasures. Utopia waiting for you - now it's time to record the future!