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6.4 para Android
Actualizado en:
ene. 17, 2020
Aplicación por:
Spiel Studios
Mod Features:
Unlimited Money
Android requerido:
Android 5.0
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Man vs. Missile fact is the best proof load for a long time, the game, simple, no plot, poor graphics, but also downloaded from Google Play or App Store. This kind of game is very addictive and addiction.

These unique games are released by the player download, play studio and allow for both iOS and allow you to play for free on the Android platform. Download Man vs. Missiles on your device Enjoy this original and fun game.

How to play Rocket Man vs.?

As I said, the man in front of the missile has no plot. Move games; You pilot a plane is only going to target aircraft in the sky. You know, you'll have to survive in the shower or bath .... yes not fall party rockets, aircraft and other forces within his reach. Missiles are constantly being released, the distance is always placed their aircraft to destroy. Dodge will come away with its efficient flight capabilities for all challenges and be the Last Man Standing.

  • Try to destroy missiles
  • Simple control plane

Always missiles after the flight; They will fly to the path. Therefore, we used missiles to destroy the enemy deceive each other. The missile is visible everywhere. But it seems to show fear when there will be a rocket deep red arrows, missiles flying at the screen. The constant back will increase the distance between you and missiles: There's a trick to dodge the missile. If you are flying without holding back, you will quickly be lost in the blue sky.

In addition, the missile will fly you to collect the articles to indicate the man in front of two blue and bright red arrow. Blue and red safety speed buff items once the items that you have to help the rocket fire. There are also other things that you encounter at the highest level.

Place missiles gameplay of Man vs. wear. At each stage of the game to pass to the next level you must meet all the requirements. Before you feel about, you have to survive first. You play a man in front of more than 30 levels missiles. In addition, you can compete with your friends on Game Center. They enjoy their flying skills and find out who is the best pilot.

Upgrade & unlock new planes

Upgrade your aircraft missiles to fight all

Can collect special coins and unlock levels with all kinds of designs in missile works missiles. In addition to making money, ads will help you earn a lot of diamonds. If you're a gamer, you can buy with your money in the game.

The aircraft can be purchased in addition to the coin, there is a particularly demanding boss VIP level (function must be enabled to purchase with real money). VIP aircraft often have special skills.

Note: You can download the man in front of yourself infinite money quickly MOD missiles, will save you time and effort. Mod version also free so you can buy active in many modern aircraft.

What makes me sad

Rocket is a very annoying thing is when a man is more play than performance. First, the ads are also entitled to help diamonds. However, some ads that you have nothing to get ready. I recommend disconnecting from the Internet onto the gaming experience.

Also, I think there may be some improvements to the game. I think the more rockets you can try the harder the situation may be.

And missiles, I do not appreciate the people of graphics. The gameplay is simply 2D graphics, but it looks fun and appealing to players.

Visual effects and sound when the aircraft is flying or two rockets hit very interesting with each other. But still poor, the lack of diversity.

I think that

Against the Rocket Man was born to entertain. Challenging and addictive gameplay with a great game. Something's missing, it's the music. But it is we do. Enough for what you want and if you choose a simple game Missile vs Entertainment for my spare time, the man finds a name difficult to ignore.