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para Android
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ago. 20, 2020
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PlaySide Studios
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Unlimited Money, No ADS
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No one knows the baby's feeding frenzy, great recreational sports. Action by the gameplay and colorful graphics, the game teaches US Marine species are the rules of life: Survive to Take and eat great ways to avoid the kind of small. Feeding frenzy 10 years ago, when the Internet was not the most successful PC games is growing.

Today I will present an enormous game feed for you, but mobile games released by games on the PC side, the mobile platform. Which gives iOS (iPhone / iPad) with both Android and more than 13 different languages. Even before the publication of the first bits of fish Play Side, Fishy Bits 2 Fish Swallow is the next version.

Fish Changes

Fishy Bits 2  you will discover transformed into adventure, new oceans, a small fish in the sea. To survive, you have to live as a small fish in avoiding obstacles and grow to survive and grow larger, stronger species. Development is the only way that you need not fear the big fish. Note HP hold otherwise would be the way to eat dead fish and bottom fish constantly, there is no less stick.

Full of food

Fish Beats swipe your finger on the screen in different directions to move fairly simple operation manipulated 2, empty of fish. You can create very significant waves of a beautiful parabola! Of course, after a certain amount of fish being carried, the development of your fish is more, the big fish, so sweet. But it will not be easy, because the bigger the fish, the more you glide through the screen, so the swordfish will face many dangerous huge monsters. Just what you do not like it, the more you will come before the end of the game.

To collect a lot of things

It also creates a new fish collection on the road with the help of gold coins and power-ups to unlock powerful than fish. Game in more than 40 different species of fish for your fish, 360 D, and many different improvements.

Pixel Graphics

In terms of graphics, fish bits 2 is a smooth, bright, pixelated color graphics. One could say that the fish feeding frenzy perfect mix between the two Flappy Bird bits to create an interesting game. The sound of the game is enough to make it fun to have fun, but the sound of the game reminds me of a lot of players to play memories about legends offline.


In fact, the game Fishy Bits 2  is significantly faster. And it is difficult to play a high level, fast-paced game. Even if the amount of fish in Himachal Pradesh goes too fast, you do not have enough time to eat more fish. Take into account the difficulty of changing the update seems unfair, maybe the developers. Or, if you can, you need to improve your skills.

It's free to play, but there are a few items that can be purchased with real money. Of course, if you do not like it, you can turn from your device settings. Now it's time for entertainment by the fish bits download via the link below