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1.7.1 para Android
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nov. 10, 2019
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Unlimited Money
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Android 4.4
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I know that I want to play I checked before the match Dream Town Story History 8-bit graphics, is nostalgically beautiful and characteristic building compact sports city with real life. It was an exciting game for both Android and iOS mobile platform players went from soft Cairo on the owner of a real city.

Mayer converted

The aim of the game is very similar to the lead-SIM Mobile Home Street, were to develop the mayor, who is in charge of your city to become a thriving city, such a move will bring all the delights of the city.

It is a way paves, is planning to call land and started to build the town by the people in your city. You must pay attention to all of the family lived in the city, its residents enjoy the city is to understand everyone's life. Some factors to the environment, landscapes, social facilities, etc. are mentioned the influence on their decision to wear, every member of his life, this man, while women run sports love to eat cake Park ...

Be happier with their assistance Bonsai Park add texture, feel good about life in the city open the utility services ... You feel happy! Really incredible, you will see how happy people feel very happy, busy life.


Dream Town story, where you can start assigning data points to the formation of the character of its inhabitants' screen. Important data to HP, intelligence and work. These signs are directly related to your city, these higher functions will help such people get the job HP distance people can move their business again, perhaps, and you get more money.

Enthusiasm, charm, and talent: the inhabitants of other indicators.

Residents have a good job, they will be more and more money than you. You may also want to build where residents work to recruit new buildings.


You must spend money to build a house game. Because I am a little disappointed when you can have just a building unless you pay 2 times daily. If you. In the wrong place, that is a structure which takes a middle of the road, and you can not leave until it's real money, no money. So, be careful, it can be put in any building.

"It's fine, you can simply remove the building and change it," I thought that you think. But the money is spent away from the building.

Beware of your loan

This game brings you a huge debt problem started when the cost of borrowing to build the necessary buildings Build your city. And if you are rich, it is time to pay your debts. So what you do, you have to be careful attention to the construction of residential facilities without giving you a huge debt. And now it is difficult to pay off the debt without destroying the building.

My advice to those things if you do not already have one.

Online mode

Town history you dream of a real city in this game, but you can take a city tour. If you are playing the game, then you probably already know that the area friends a closed list, which means that you can not be friends of our country. Only the US, Canada, the United States humanitarians just friends Canada, Japan or Japanese friends ...


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Dream Town's history is built on a simple 8-bit graphics platform. There's no need for a nice 3D graphics, the player story with simple, familiar design in exciting gameplay to win the Dream Town.


Some features, however, makes me even sadder feeling Dream Town Story history. But if you like to play this game, you should try it. A town under the support of both platforms can now download Android and iOS Dream, in conjunction.