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jun. 05, 2020
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Download and join Coffee Shop 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) to experience the work of a professional barista. Enjoy and be entertained in the new game of Pleasantry!

Introduction to Coffee Shop 3D

Pleasantry is a popular game publisher to which I give Buddy the answer, the game I first introduced. Under the goal of "entertainment and recreation", they constantly strive to provide players with high-quality products. Coffee Shop 3D will probably follow previous successes. It was a new game that was not released very long ago but was soon installed on millions of Android devices.

Be a talented barista

Barista is the definition of who makes coffee. If you say a delicious, beautiful coffee cup is a work of art, then the barista is the artist. In real life, you may not be a barista, but in Coffee Shop 3D this is your chance.

At the beginning of the game, you are like an amateur bartender. You complete free training at the barista. Over time, with more challenges and more experience, the barrister job didn’t go too far.

So what are the steps to make a "masterpiece" coffee in Coffee Shop 3D? The first step, mixing ingredients. Next, you need to create art on the surface and add a coating. Fortunately, the first stage of the game is ready to help you. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

But it's not easy. A cup of coffee requires simplicity and caution when decorating and drawing. Its taste is an important part, but if it is without aesthetics, it seems to have lost its appeal. Customers will also complain and give a 1-star rating for your store.

I will give you some evidence to better inform you of the challenges you face. It was a quick day when a quick customer entered the store. He asked for a chocolate topping with a leaf shape for a hot cup of Hapuna. The details of this sheet are quite small when I use milk and cream very quickly. As a result, a little cream leaked and spoiled the whole picture I was trying to paint. He showed dissatisfaction, waved his hand, and then walked away.

With a lot of effort, I have become more efficient so that the same thing does not happen again. Experience is also required, you will learn instantly while playing Coffee Shop 3D. While this is just a simple arcade game, we can learn more about the art of coffee that we frequently ask from Starbucks and how to make it.

Search Store

There are two types of items you can buy in the store, including mugs and jugs. The cups have unique and beautiful shapes. Do you like cat faces or cactus models? Some customers just visit your store because you have them. So, more cups will attract more customers and more sales!

What is a jig? I was so excited until I found a bottle of milk with very small output. When I drew the details on the cappuccino cup mentioned above it appeared with the leaf symbol. It turns out that not only are they designed differently to be more distinctive on the bar, but they also create very good artistic icons. If you don't believe, try getting some details from this milk jug! There will be many mistakes!

So how do you get these cups and pitches? There are two possibilities! Or you can use $ 250 (game currency) to get random openings and see ads. Or use 2,000 to do so.

For whom is it important?

When you serve customers, you often see the golden key revolving around the cup, no? They are the answer to the question "How can you make more money?" Coffee Shop 3D has many breast locks. They hide money and other valuables. You can open them with these golden keys.

However, they are also at risk. Because when you collect, you can accidentally destroy the cup of coffee you made.

MOD version of Coffee Shop 3D

MOD function

  • Unlimited Money/Stars: You have a lot of money and stars when you open the game. With this money, you can unlock a unique coffee shop 3D mug.


The dream of becoming a professional barista comes true here. Download Coffee Shop 3D to start an amazing experience. With gripping gameplay, challenges, and fun music, you take away the free time you have.