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may. 13, 2020
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Bloop Games
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Unlimited Stars, No ADS
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Birdy Trip  (MoD unlimited stars, no ads) - it's a very difficult game, you will be crazy. If you've played the famous game Flappy Bird? Dong Si Nguyen in 2013 published a very popular sport in the world. The game is very simple, it's fun for leisure lovers. You can store the drug game "App with him but is said to have been removed from the game by the publisher of the App Store. Now birdies will re-visit this great gameplay.

Fun Themes

Like Flappy Bird, this game also has themes about the birds. Small birds are back on their trip to the warm south. Many threats to wait out for her. Other robbers with him. You can safely bring birds to the south?

Enjoy the game?

Control of the game A bird at the beginning of the game. The birdies trigger mechanism of control is very simple. So if you just touch the screen flying bird. After the flight, the bird gradually falls and go to touch her again. Birds as you can go further.

On the way, do not forget to remove the obstacles. They fly in opposite directions or are vulnerable to bees, such as weak eagles flying so they can only touch only one of the obstacles. They may die anyway.

However, the game Travel style is a bit different Birdie Flappy Bird and Angry Birds. While traveling, you will be able to reach the birds. They are their own species. Getting closer to the birds, they go with will connect the South. When colliding with obstacles, will continue to accompany you for the rest of the birds fly. So, just go when you die all the birds, you will lose the official. Work as much as possible to improve its survival, collecting as many birds as possible. Birds that you can try to protect life, whether it is just one.

It seems simple, but when you play, it's not easy. Have you ever won more than "just a little more." Birdie, Ban again to play again ... sorry to lose what I play, sometimes I call all the birds when he suddenly died. But really stay fun birdies, I could be all day without boring.

Many different birds

Please do not forget to collect gold stars. They allow you to buy other game birds. Many exotic birds, waiting to be unlocked.

Every time you touch the screen, Birdie trip counts as a plus sign. How to play the record. Facebook, share your score with your friends via Twitter, ...

Easy Design

Trip Birdy Trip  2D graphics style. It is difficult to find a game with simple graphics. However, this simplicity makes the game special appeal. Birds of images look strange. If you encounter obstacles, they still feel very strange. In particular, in the morning, afternoon, evening change over time and avoid boring playground. Travel birdies background music and sound is also great fun.

Do you have to play Birdy trip?

I was really impressed with this game. I played all day before checking for you. Birdie trip very interesting game, suitable for all ages. The game supports iOS and Android.