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Updated On:
May 22, 2020
App By:
Wildlife Studios
Mod Features:
Unlimited Sprint Skills
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Currently, there is a very passionate and two popular genres of the Royal Google Play and App Store battles. LOL A new breakthrough of mobile phone players in the world is awaiting the launch of Legends League around the world. What if you have ever considered assembling these two classes? When Legends Waiting the mobile league begins, I will present an equally interesting game, Zooba (MoD Unlimited capabilities).

Zooba MOD summary of APKs

Name  - Zooba

Publisher - Wildlife Studio

Genre - Art-3D, Online Survival

Latest version - 1.8.1

Size - 116M

Mod Features - Infinite Skills

platform -Android 4.1 

Get over it

Zooba (Zoo Battlefield acronym) is an important turning point for the modern game. Extremely passionate and survival style Zooba is the right combination with the king of the zoo to take on the recognition of the world of exciting animals to cope with.


Many call Zooba PUBG Mobile Zoo version. In the game, you can choose a set of characters. They are all strange creatures that you frequently watch in the zoo animal TV series. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. In the first fight, there are 3 to 1 animals to choose from. This number will increase. You can do it according to their own preferences and strategies. For example, Bruce Larry chameleon with powerful gorillas, aggressive stealth talent ...

When you reach a higher level and earn more gold, you unlock more characters. So, to begin with, you can learn how to fight the main characters and the needs of the war at full force. Choosing the right style of play for each game will help you master the battlefield. Become the true king of the jungle.

Zoo Battle Arena

Action Zooba is just awesome theater-like PUBG or Fornite. In the first place, you and 19 other players put in a PvP match without weapons. They can quickly find anywhere for weapons and new skills to watch. You can choose from three weapons to draw an area with the opponent's current capabilities. And how Moba games, time cooldown ability, you should use flexibility.

Touching the master with the enemy can be nowhere in addition to skill, and if defeats lose your guard. In each game, you will have a high concentration. And one thing is the survival game for obvious, it is if you do not enter a safe area that you will die on the safety field in time. Therefore, it is possible to find a place in a safe area for you in the final round and confirm the direction of the first order. In fact, survival chances depend on a little skill and luck. You can have the benefit of having an area with many weapons and enemies.

Zooba Edition (MoD Unlimited Capabilities) gives you the option of endless combat skills used. You can set the controls if the MOD version, so be careful please request.

Collect items

In each conflict, there is more war on the ground and more weapons and objects are scattered. If you are lucky, you will quickly find a good tool. Face to face combat is a very important factor in the determination of weapons. So, with good tools, you can do more than 50% to win.

It can be difficult to collect, tool, go, find good advice, kill the enemy. Because every time you defeat an enemy, you will deprive them of such "tributes". In particular, at times, the airdrop seems to be among the most advanced equipment. He discovers that most players and inadvertently attract violent scrambles. So, remember, there are things that you do not have enough resources for if you do not want to die unexpected conflict.

PVP zone

In addition to the hard struggle of survival fights with many players, you can play with your friends in fun PvP combat. The game solo and duo have two modes. You can survive the bitter struggle together with Duo mode, to play with friends. Get and Ranking Increase world ranking.


Ice age in the desert-like Zooba ... help different environments because the volcano, because of the variety of colorful designs, with backgrounds and 3D graphics flashy, you will not be bored. More specifically, special skills affect nice shape but with extraordinary calm for each character. It makes you want to ignore all the letters.

Zooba perfect blend

Zooba is a unique combination of two types of war jelly and highly emotional. Exciting gameplay speed, but for many strategies still, this game was played for hours without leaving you feeling bored. Cute plays can be fun for all audiences, including children's character designs. Are you ready to find the Zoo King to fight?