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Jun 30, 2020
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Zombie Slayer APK - appeared an incredibly cool zombie shooter game. Still killing zombies, an issue that is not a sign of a downturn in the mobile game market. Especially in the game of zombie survival of Kano apps, the field of zombie warfare has become more rigid and difficult than before. Become a suicide soldier with a gun and fight a zombie epidemic to bring peace to the world.


In Zombie Slayer, your world has been attacked by a large number of zombies. They infuriated the whole city and spread this deadly plague. You will join the rest of the army to join the army and destroy the angry corpse. Please train harder and harder! Hurry up, the world is waiting for you!

Pleasure training

Not all survivors can pick up weapons and fight in the zombie slayer. They have chosen a few to fight these creepy zombies. To achieve this, you have to go through a rigorous and rigorous qualification process to improve your level. To master your combat skills, you need to equip yourself with numerous weapons that are equipped with SMG rifles, rifles, machine guns, etc. Combining each weapon type is an upgrade of 150 accessories.

Training includes a sense of comfort, endurance, and steel. With fierce and aggressive zombies, each battle becomes extremely fierce. You need to fight suicide and you should not rest your hands even if the blood is low. Players have to make a lot of noise when it comes to rescuing people or killing zombies. Remember that only a hardworking and talented soldier can be in the position of special military units.

Become a hero and save the world

Once you acquire the necessary skills, you have the opportunity to take part in the intense combat of Zombie Slayer. The body occupies more than 40 places and continues to grow. Come and free the creepy zombies. I said the battlefield is very tough because you not only have to fight a large number of invading zombies, you also have to defeat hundreds of zombie bosses to end the epidemic. After each intense fight, you will receive many achievements and weapons to improve your devices.

In addition, you have many tasks to perform. After each mission you gain experience up to level. Leveling will help you unlock and adapt your skills and equip your troops.

The game has over 40 weapons that you can own. Each weapon can be upgraded with a 9-part upgrade system. You can customize the color and camouflage of the weapon. All work for continuous struggle in more than 40 hard-to-reach places.

Players kill zombies with online players

For Zombie Slayer, building communities is also very important. You can play with friends and join many other players to form a strong connection. Also, after every game and thousands of achievements you can get a place in the global leaderboard. Become the best soldier in the world and get great medals.

3D graphics

Zombie Slayer's graphics are carefully maintained with 3D graphics. The characters are designed with real and scary different creepy zombies. The colors and decorations of the weapons are also varied. The visual effects that come with the actual sound ensure the best visual experience.


Zombie Slayer offers many exciting features and activities awaiting discovery. In unrelated combat, remember that “victory always belongs to the strong”. Download this game to your phone and compete with millions of players around the world. Show your courage and save the world today!