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Jun 23, 2020
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If you are tired of intense shooting games and want to find a slow game to relax, Zen Idle APK is for you. Download this exciting game to relax every day.

Introduction of Zen Idle

Zen Idle is a unique entertainment game developed by Congress in November 2019. The game is about balls, a character who is no longer familiar with light and casual recreational games that can be found in voodoo products such as balls, balls or ball shooting. However, Zen Idle will not be like any other game you have played because of its "pointless" gameplay.


When you start, the developer will immediately draw your attention to the idea of ​​the game: "What is a pointless game?". Zen Idle has a high and wide scope with 5 ball drop machines on top with the function of releasing the ball slowly. At the bottom are round stones that prevent bullets from falling into space between them. There is also a horizontal bar that rotates continuously to the sides to deflect the balls. Your job is to wait for the ball to fall every time. If you touch them, they will explode. Then you get points.

What if you miss the ball and it falls? Don't worry, the Zen Idle room is very deep and wide. If you can't touch the ball on the way down and then pull the screen down, you may have a bottom there. At the bottom are a number of sharp spikes. If you touch it, the ball explodes. If you drop the ball, do you lose points? The answer is no. You will not only lose points but if you lose them you can collect a lot of points. There is no time push for you in the game, only suitable for playing slowly. Do you now understand how trivial Zen Idle is?


In order not to make the game more unconscious and boring, Zen Idle also sets some goals for the players in the long run. With ball-winning points, you can use it to update and unlock some interesting new features. Initially, the ball just falls out of the orange box, while there are 4 colors that correspond to 4 different drop points. The more expensive the balls, the larger the amount. You can also shorten the birth time of the ball and increase the amount received. You can also unlock new levels, which means adding more boundaries to the balls in the room. The ball falls in a line of thorns, but it does not explode immediately, but continues in a new position, touches the thorny carpet there, explodes and you get more points.

Zen Idle is a game for people who are static. There are still many new features that you can see. Be patient, every upgrade is expensive, but over time it will be a profitable investment.

You need strategy

At first glance, you might think that Zen Idle is very meaningless. This is indeed somewhat true, but if you have been playing for a long time, you will see that this is a game that needs a strategy. Dedicated players should carefully consider the investment that generates the most revenue, in order to drop the ball on sharp tips, which multiply the score many times over, as well as improvements to spend a lot of money. Zen Idle is like an investment platform where the balls have the factors that bring victory. To solve the problem with a simple operation, you need to work as hard as you can to the ball, but it will be effective.

Zen Idle often distracts you with absurd statements such as: "Don't be afraid to just sit and watch" or "What's a pointless game?" (Play free to play, say the game is not important). But once you get stuck in the game you will have constant calculations and its dominance is inevitable. What an interesting game!

MOD functions

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This game is not too short, which can be suitable for all ages. Simple pictures, soft melodies are the elements that help you relax. You could say that Zen Idle gives other games a weird feel and a different style. Also, the game does not include many promotional videos, so it is very suitable for entertainment and relaxing moments for the player.