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Yuliverse APK 2.1.0 Download for Android 2024

2.1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 08, 2024
428 MB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
Role Playing

Yuliverse APK is an alternative reality metaverse parallel to the real world that offers a new lifestyle. In addition, it is a game-based social application.

Yuliverse currently has thousands of fantastic and exciting stories. Role-playing allows players to obtain $ARG and $ART through these quests. The Yuliverse economy is owned by all its players, and players can actually own, buy, sell, and trade items they earned in-game by playing the game.

At the same time, Yuliverse's establishment is inseparable from the interaction among players. Behaviors that contribute to the establishment of a good ecology will be rewarded in Yuliverse. Yuliverse is an online game that players can enjoy, benefit from, and make friends in - and we hope that players will get real happiness, real benefits, and real friends as well from Yuliverse.

A basic city hunt experience, the Yuli Fete, as well as social play are all available to players who enter the game through free characters. Yuli NFT holders can enjoy their unique NFTs and gain profits by acquiring $ARG, $ART, and breeding (except prototype Yulis).

What is Yuliverse APK?

Yuliverse is a Parallel Reality Gaming Metaverse using BSC Chain, inspired by Pokemon Go and Tinder. You can earn in Yuliverse by simply moving around in your neighbourhood, while making new and meaningful friends at the same time. Yuliverse features a player-owned economy that lets players sell, buy, and trade items they've earned by contributing to the market. Yuliverse relies on player interaction for its establishment, and players are rewarded for conscientious behavior that supports the ecosystem.

Yulivserse is a social and lifestyle APP. With this APP, you can:

  • For health, walk through the city;
  • Reduce carbon emissions;
  • Take a treasure hunt through your city;
  • Get to know nearby players;
  • Take part in an augmented reality experience with your friends and share wonderful stories.

Players can find treasure, meet friends and contribute to society in this APP


A New Socializing Norm

Yuliverse is more than just a role-playing game. It represents a new way of socializing. Yuliverse connects players with like-minded people in the same city by facilitating conversations between them.

Dramatic storyline

Players will become acquainted with justice, friendship, betrayal, and lies as the story unfolds. We have completed the planning of three main story chapters in the beta stage. Project Katharsis will be the subject of the first chapter of the main story. A quarterly update will be provided after the public beta for chapters 2 and 3.

Playing socially while immersed

Apart from solo exploration mode, progress is made as the game progresses. A more immersive social experience will be provided in season 2 when team mode and PVP modes are unlocked.

Yuli Fete

Yuliverse will introduce the leisure game, 'Fete', in addition to the main story missions and team play. Providing players with the opportunity to relax while playing intensive games.

Characters arrive first in Yuliverse Origin

Yuli heroes are created from Mystery boxes. There are five types of elements Yuli, which are wind, rock, ice, fire, and thunder. There will be a unique appearance for each element. These 5 characters are available in the first chapter of the public beta.


Yulivserse APK is a powerful social and lifestyle application that offers a range of features to enhance your daily experience. Whether you're looking to stay connected with friends, stay updated with the latest trends, or discover new content, Yulivserse APK has got you covered. Download the app today and unlock a world of possibilities.

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