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World War 2 War Simulator (MoD Unlock All) is a very exciting strategy game developed by Cogoo. You know, Cogoo Pixels Sweeper, 2048 because of the puzzle genre game developer ... on the Android and iOS platforms.



Publisher - Cogoo

Genre - Art-3D, offline strategy

Latest version - 1.5.2

Size 130m

mod features - Open all of the 

platform - Android 4.1 

Get over it

War between World War II Allies and the NS Axis. The essence of this war is meaningless and extremely cruel. The war broke out in 1939 and ended in 1945, and after the war, the rich thanks to trade weapons for both sides ended were due to major changes in many countries, some of the economic crisis was not damaged by the war. But still it was a meaningless war, it is also marked as an important event of the past and now, this strategy game will imitate the most realistic way.


World War 2 Simulator against war while colonizing countries in the world during World War II to fight on the basis of history. If you have the power, you become the target colonies to become the greatest nation in the world.

Although the enthusiasm of the game is misplaced, it is only the war that followed in the history of mankind. If you like military equipment, ... the game that you are looking for.


Simulator gameplay several tricks against World War 2 war. In the same epic battle simulator game, you will have a great war during World War II. Their task is to use the money and organize your troops to defeat the enemy, buy reasonable soldiers. But it is not so easy as you think. You need to think about how to win, how to prepare your mind and the right strategy.

With custom mode, you can create and enjoy battle completely. You can arrange the soldiers to have their army and the enemy is able to see the top battle completely. Even with Sandbox mode, you can check out General Tactics to show you military talent in any historical battle.

Hook up your army

Through the campaign, you will receive a generous amount of money to get unlocked soldiers. Initially, the game is the primary weapons and the primary tank you warriors. But at that time, the system is just simple tasks and missions you pretend you are familiar with. And if you can sample it before the start of the Second World War idea.

In particular, soldiers are also distributed in many countries. China, USA, Germany and you can select one of three countries. But be aware that you only have to choose custom mode.


World War II was divided on two fronts: western and eastern fronts.

The site of the Western War is:

  • War of Normandy (June 6, 1944)
  • Brest War (August 7, 1944)
  • C d'Azur War (15 AGST 1944)
  • The Paris War (24 August 1944)
  • The Battle of Huttgen (19 September 1944)
  • Aachen War (October 2, 1944)
  • The Arden War (December 16, 1944)
  • The Lorraine War at Alsace (31 December 1944)
  • The Battle of Colmar (9 February 1945)
  • Wales action (26 March 1945)
  • Battle of Frankfurt (26 March 1945)
  • Battle of Kassel (1 April 1945)
  • Battle of Heilbronn (12 April 1945)
  • Battle of Rour (14 April 1945)
  • Nuremberg War (20 April 1945)

East is against:

  • Siege of Leningrad (September 8, 1941)
  • Battle of Rostov (21 November 1941)
  • The Moscow War (25 November 1941)
  • Fighting Islam (30 April 1942)
  • Siege of Sevastopol (4 July 1942)
  • Nikko Bow War (21 December 1942)
  • Battle of Stalingrad (January 31, 1943)
  • Battle of Kursk (July 5, 1943)
  • Battle of Prohóoka (12 July 1943)
  • Harikov War (22 August 1943)
  • Battle of Kiev (5 December 1943)
  • Odessa Action (April 10, 1944)
  • Battle of Minsk (8 July 1944)
  • Budapest Action (February 13, 1945)
  • Battle of Berlin (9 May 1945)


Although the graphics against WW2 beautifully simulated fighting that time is very old and primitive in the primitive world. The game also allows you to change regardless of the angle of rotation. So you can see the various scenes battle. It's amazing, isn't it?


World War 2 war simulator is really the best combat simulation game I have ever played with. Through the game, you will find the time to find the latest technology-based description of weapons. The game is very good if you want to know, especially on the love of one of the greatest battles in World War II and history. Are you ready to go on a historic adventure, showing their great leadership?