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Jun 20, 2020
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Maxim Karpenko
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Free Shopping
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Sandbox games have long been popular and attract the attention of gamers. There are some excellent products on the mobile Android platform such as Tilting Point's Teragenesis or more recently Worldbox by Maxim Karpenko. The combination of the sandbox and indie styles will definitely be very interesting and worth a look.

Build your world

Have you ever tried to be God for the world to be re-created? Your chance when Worldbox gives you the power of God. You can create and destroy anything you want. Everything is in your hands. Or, even more, interestingly, do something inappropriate (e.g. leave an elk in an elf's field) and see what happens.

Their overall effect is shown in the table at the bottom of the screen. You need to focus on some of their skills, including saving and loading the existing world, creating new worlds, and setting rules for the world. Once you know these things, you can start the game from the system without tutorials.

With a small piece of land, you begin to develop the life of the organism. This is done by skill in culture. Creating a village or state is quick and easy with just one click. However, they don’t really want people to grow in life and peace, but make them a little harder. Do not hesitate to nature-free dragons, monsters, or natural disasters. People’s ability to survive is quickly examined. Because if they cannot overcome the threats posed by nature or the laws of the world, they will be threatened with extinction.

The controls in Worldbox are very simple, including touch, drag, and drop. To create a human, you just have to select the respective species and then touch any area on the map. This is then stored in it. To zoom in / out or move to another area, use two fingers to zoom in/out or drag.

Let’s destroy something

Like God, you not only have the ability to create life but also to destroy everything you want. There are several ways to do this on the destructive power tab. You can use TNT, a very explosive form that explodes and burns on contact with the ground. You can also use mines, atomic bombs, meteorite fragments or endless coins to destroy half the world's animals, as Thanos did in Avengers: Infinite War.

However, this is not all. Monsters and disasters are one of the cruel methods of destruction. Can you take a few fire dragons to a newly created village or state to see how people try to fight this creepy creature? Or build a tornado, lightning or even a firearm to look anywhere.


In today's age where most games are evolving on fast and realistic 3D platforms, Worldbox adopts an ancient approach to 2D pixel graphics. As you can see, a lot of people are interested in this graphic and the most obvious evidence is that the game has over 10 million downloads.

Despite its simplicity, Worldbox still has some very spectacular fire effects. At the same time, sounds from the actual atmosphere are recorded. Thanks to all this, you can feel how the destruction happened, or just feel the life by singing the sound of the sheep of the birds.

MOD version of WorldBox

MOD Features

  • Free shopping: You can use all of God's special abilities, including high-level creatures like dragons, ORCS, elves, and red devils. In addition, lava clouds, meteorite fragments, tornadoes, and more are the most powerful types of nuclear bombs.
  • No advertising: Advertising will no longer distract you.

How to use it.

Download the Worldbox MOD APK, select any VIP item, and select Unlock. All VIP articles are activated for free. If items are still closed, close the game and reopen it.


Worldbox offers the best moments of entertainment for your free time. It's completely free on Appstoreaccess. You can download the original game or MOD APK version from the link below this article. Experience your God now!