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Updated On:
Aug 19, 2020
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Azur Interactive Games
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Unlimited Ammo
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The MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) version of World War Heroes game is available for download on APKMODY. Those enemies will soon be defeated in front of your unlimited-ammo gun.

Overview information

NameWorld War Heroes
PublisherAzur Interactive Games
Version1.20.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Ammo
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Introduce about World War Heroes

World War Heroes, a game that has long rocked the gaming community. To date, World War II Heroes has attracted more than 50 million downloads on Google Play. If you are a fan of shooting style, you will regret the loss of this game!

Historical background

World War Heroes II is a theme of heroes based on World War II. If you read the story, you will understand the plot of this game. This intensified the conflict between the Allies and the Nazis, usually between the two great powers, the United States and Germany. There was a fierce battle with very modern ships and aircraft and armed races between the empire country with powerful artillery and armor system.


Color the soldier's shirt and take part in the world's fiercest battle. World War Heroes has 6 game modes and a custom game, plus 7 battle zones that correspond to real-world locations in the story.

In team fight mod, players from one team and compete against another random team. The winner is the team that wins the most points at the end of the goal.

The bomb planting mod is very interesting, it is similar to the 3D version of the famous Bomberman game. In this position, players will choose to join the team to plant bombs or teams and that can prevent the bombs from exploding.

Survival Mod - When a player has only one life, every step must be taken very carefully if you do not want to get away from the first moments. Try to survive the last.

In the custom mode, players can set their own rules, lounge with other fellow players, and fight with others.

How to handle

Heroes of World War II is a first-person shooter game, similar to the genre. Players use an on-screen joystick to move the character. In combination with the buttons on the right side of the screen, they can change positions like zooming or bending.

At the top left of the screen is a miniature map. Players can identify their position as well as teammates and enemies using the colored human symbol. The number of surviving enemies is also shown on the screen. Players can combine this information with the best battle plan!


It can be said that guns are the lifeblood of shooting games, so developers are always trying to make their gun collection as spectacular as possible. World War Heroes is no exception. The game has 57 unique weapons from machine guns, rifles, pistols, and more. Maybe you know one of them. You enter the battlefield with large artillery such as the AK-47, AK-74 with large cannons such as the German MG 42, the American M1 Garand, or the infamous Russian PPS.

A special feature of World War Heroes II heroes is that these weapons have extremely real fire mechanisms and repetitions. Players will feel like they are shooting on the battlefield instead of controlling from the phone screen. Tanks are very noticeable in many models of WWII.

Additionally, you can upgrade your arsenal (including weapons and armor) to increase damage and reduce ammo reload time.


With the best graphics technology in engine integration, gamers can have full confidence in the graphics quality of this game. The angry atmosphere of World War II is clearly recreated in every high-resolution image. Real environmental influences such as hurricanes, slits, and the effects of smoke have shown to some extent that players are really angry on the battlefield.

MOD APK version of World War Heroes

  • MOD function
  • Unlimited rationality: You have a number of pills.

Game Crash?

  • Please close the application and reopen it.

Download World War Heroes Mod APK (Unlimited Ammo)

World War Heroes is widely recognized as one of the most realistic shooting games for mobile and promises to deliver players dramatic and suffocating games every minute. What are you waiting for without downloading and participating in this fascinating battle for survival?