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May 04, 2020
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The ongoing action game based on the Kiwiwalks - WitchSpring4 APK Witch Spring series is ongoing. The series is like a lot of action, the graphics are very unique. In this section, you will be involved in a very interesting adventure in the world of Orphean witch.

Summary of WitchSpring4 APK

Name - WitchSpring4

Publisher - Kiwiwalks Release

Genre - 3D, Immersive, Online

Latest version - 1.6

Capacity - 30MB

MOD Features - No.

Support - Android 5.0

Get over it

If you haven't already, then Kiwiwalks, a game developer based in Korea, on mobile devices and tablet PCs. His game has received millions of downloads worldwide. So is the fourth installment of the Witch Spring Series new? Now we will begin to identify Wiki walks of "Darling".


WitchSpring4 plots more depth than the previous section. Player Queen Mocca Mori, a witch transforms the rule Orphean. Queen Mocca is Mori and the servants gather in all magical cities and conquer the right in all continents and oppose the pope of nations. After that, their goal is to rule the wizarding world.

In this section, the action can be expanded and players discover more secrets. In addition, the map is very large and so to find that more playing time will increase each day in a single day. So your energy is higher than the previous parts.


There is not much change from the previous section of the WitchSpring4 gameplay. The gameplay is the factor that attracts millions of players around the world because of the games. If you do not know the gameplay quite simple. Each of these turns you can choose this kind of ... Turn-based game to attack, its defense abilities are also very easy to play because as you go your character will be a beginner you will be at full speed too.

Become the most powerful mage

The challenge that you faced was to play the role of Queen Mocca Mori to win the world over. Explore the small queen menu and its servants who have won the World Wide World. Moreover, he should have a vision of the great witch. And no one but you will help her to fulfill her big, unfulfilled dreams. If you help him practice magic, etc., health may be stronger.

The last section of WitchSpring4 allows you to carry out activities combined with increased performance characters. On your adventure, you can create content to promote new craft medicine for new magic. Every day you can control the food, gain access to the character, exercise, gold, ... all of what you do is a royal room suite with a queen full of features.

In addition, you can also learn a variety of magic with a room full of magic books. Your servant will also learn that you have the full help of your magic and new magical abilities. On the way full of hard adventure, you will encounter many other professional witches. Hard to fulfill their dreams and dominate the whole world.


WitchSpring4 has many advanced graphics in the previous section. In the fourth part, the graphics are in a very high position, though this unit and the graphics were built. Music is also invested more attention and inspire you to experience more music.


WitchSpring4 is really great, it is welcomed and chosen by people all over the world, but sells for only $ 5. Previous versions have greatly improved and compared all aspects of the Witch Spring area, improved sound on the plot graphic.

But from that point the Kiwiwalks blocked Vietnam. Therefore, you must buy this game to use VPN services. But they sell this potion, a Chinese business that plays more than any other country when a lot of the support of previous versions of crack Vietnam. But of course, you can also download via the APK file on concerns about lowering the script experience link.