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1.6.0 for Android
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Jan 14, 2020
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Leiting Games
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Android 4.1
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Witch Weapon APK is an RPG developed by Waterbelt and launched in mid-2019 after two years of development. It's a very strong side game in eye-catching anime animation and soft effects graphics. As mobile RPGs become more popular and saturated, Witch Weapon becomes known for its strangeness. Learn more about this fantasy RPG with APKMODY!

Unique Resources

In addition to good gameplay and eye-catching images, the storyline must have interesting and inspiring players to compete with many competitors. And that makes the Witch Weapon very good. Basically, the game revolves around a mysterious artifact, a gold trophy with special abilities. The holy grave was kept for research in six major research institutes. On the first day, the research facility was attacked. When the gemstone was removed from the cup, there was a huge explosion.

Our hero (male) survives the attack, but when he wakes up he realizes that he has turned into a girl and has special abilities. So, what happened to our hero? Is the challenge awaiting his victory? Play and find out now!

Play the game

Witch Weapon has relatively interesting gameplay based on its story. Players play a protagonist and take part in battles to find solutions to their change. However, she (or her) is not alone in this journey, as there are always 4 female wizards to support in other dimensions.

Click on the picture in the right-hand corner of the screen to call the Angels. This way players will use the Angels' weapons. In addition, each character has a special ability with which players can use it in combat. Each technique has a different effect but is usually filled with the characteristics of an RPG game (attack, healing, defense, ...). The game doesn't ask you to have more contact with the character. You go with the virtual button on the left and use special skills with the button.

Beautiful girl

One very interesting fact in Witch Weapon is that all the characters who are involved in the fight with you are pretty girls. These people are all militant fighters of various dimensions, each of which used his power, not everyone else. Their power, however, was also divided by level and rarity. Consider using letters of a higher rarity to increase the power of your squad.

In addition, the publisher has a large arsenal with various characters that provide Witch Weapon. In fact, the weapons of the game are very diverse. Players can tackle all genres, from light weapons, knives, swords, sharp weapons with deadly skills such as darts, to weapons such as hammers, knives, large swords ... all of which will be in play.


Like other RPG games, Witch Weapon also has unique features. The fight to improve the team and find a plot is the reason for the hero's gender change. In Boss Red Mode, there are always many interesting things to do, and a great deal of equipment awaits you. In addition, join guilds to interact with teammates and engage in many great battles.


This is probably the most meaningful piece of Witch Weapon. Compared to some older gameplay and operation operations, the game has a relatively good graphics platform. The game is designed with a sharp, vibrant anime-style after 2.5D graphics. The characters are carefully invested in the image and various colors are added to help players immerse themselves in the colorful anime world. Spatial effects and abilities are also highly polished, especially in terms of capabilities.


As a new game, the appeal of Witch Weapon has expressed its appeal in the offline gaming market. There is not so much attraction to this game. In my opinion, however, this is still a relatively good game for those who like the RPG genre. This is a game you should not miss, especially for anime lovers!