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Jun 06, 2020
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Two Men and a Dog
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Unlimited Coins
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Walk Master MOD apk (unlimited coins) they give us many benefits. You can find other unique sticks and skins or view ads without having to do a thorough search to make money!

Introduce Walk Master

Stilt is a popular sport in many countries. With current developments, stilts are used not only for special occasions of a particular nation but have become a popular sport that everyone can experience. Inspired by this folk game, the creators of Man and Dog released a game called Walk Master, which is an interesting simulation game. Your job is to control the character that moves through the stilettos. Take part in the most difficult tasks and win.


The stilts didn't have many titles, and when Walk Master was released, the game got a lot of attention due to its unique content and addictive gameplay. Players control the character of the game, continue on the rope ladder, and go to the goal at the end of the path. The streets of the Walk Master are not flat, they are built of many obstacles, traps, and monsters.

Also, this game requires a lot of precision. To win, you need to have a good time and job because you will bring the character to the finish line before the end. The windmill rotor is very dangerous. They spin and stop for two seconds after every four beats. Choose the right time for the character and remove it. Sometimes players not only find ways to overcome obstacles, but they also have to arrange or connect them to complete the finish line.

Although the stult is a simple tool, players generally need to be very skilled and good at balancing to master it. With just a little slip, you can fall and start. The gameplay of Walk Master is very accessible, but to master, at all levels, you have to spend a lot of time practicing.


There are two game modes in which players can choose a marathon that the character must leave to score. Of course, you have to walk until the road at the edge of the forest seems endless. The deeper you go in the forest, the more obstacles and dangers arise! If you do not have a suspicious accident, be careful.

Finally, speed run mode, in which players have to run fast to avoid rear obstacles, as it can fall at any time. Walk Master introduces hundreds of challenging players with all-new obstacles and traps. Players will not know in advance what to expect next.


Two men and one dog publisher also make your trip more targeted by adding lots of interesting characters. His style is very unique and also a bit funny. Instead of a goat, you can play the role of a pink pig, a hat with Doraemon Pineville, a zombie, or a ferret.

In the current version, the game has more than 29 characters spread across different levels to collect players. Try it!


Each level of Walk Master is a new, unique, but very challenging one. It did well at an early stage, but it was repetitive from the 90s. The game spans over 500 levels, making it easy for players to get frustrated and wonder when I can complete the Walk Master. In addition, the ad appears much higher. On average, a player waited about a minute for a failed announcement in every two games. You can fix this by disconnecting from the Internet.


Instead of designing 3D graphics like most games, Walk Master now has 2D cartoon-style graphics. Animal lovers make this trip more interesting than ever. The developers also care a lot about the characters, they are both unique and no less fun with very strange expressions. They will also play as a crazy goat, a feeble monkey, a beggar bear, or an alien with a distorted appearance. Funny sounds with animal calling sounds are a plus for players to express a sense of comfort.

The latest version of Walk Master MOD Apk

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Coins: This MOD feature allows you to enrich the unique skin collection for your character without seeing more coins ads.

How can I get money from the MOD version?

  • After completing the tutorial, you will receive a lot of coins.


I was introduced to the social network by a friend and it was so nice, I really enjoyed it. Walk Master is a unique, easy to play, and addictive game. It will use your hours every day. Best of all, the game is completely free for both Android and iOS operating systems. You can download both the original version and the MOD APK version from our website using the link below this article!