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May 13, 2020
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If you want to turn boring videos into works of art, VLLO (MOD Premium Unlock) is one of the best video editors for you.

Introduce VLLO

A professional photo editing app for Android

Although it is an application developed only for mobile platforms, the functions associated with it are as professional as the software for PC. New videos, both new and unchanged, will soon become a unique work of art if you can weave each picture together. Overall, very few apps can do this.

Let's add a blue background to the gray sky. Add a sticker to cover the unwanted item. Make your video compelling and captivating with animations on a variety of topics.

Powerful toolkit

VLLO gives you powerful tools to use magic on your videos. Highlight an area, adjust contrast, or obscure objects that the video naturally loses.

First, you need to import the video from your device's memory into the application. Then select Edit and a complete toolkit will appear at the bottom of the screen. If the video is too long, cut it out. When an area or video gets darker, the color of the display is wrong or vice versa to adjust the meaning you want to convey with the adjustment. This tool was developed with fine-tuning in detail that can vary from 200 degrees minus 100 to 100. Many editing apps do not do this if they do not mind it can waste a small effort and time of the editor.

Not to be outdone here, VLLO has another attraction that you will love, the double function. You can duplicate a frame or video and paste it into the original. Easy to create GIFs or endless repetitive effects. You can use the duplicate function to edit the length and insert it in any position.

Apart from that, Kinemaster is also a very good video editing app for Android.


Not only for the image editing program but also for the filters, it is very useful if you can apply it to your entire video.

Do you want your entire video to be retro or classic? Would you like to add sand effects like this 1970 footage? With the help of filters provided by VLLO, changing your art style is easier and faster than ever before. All you need to do is select the topics you want, as this can be applied to the entire video. However, when you want to be specific when you see no green law change during the weather, divide the video into four parts and apply four filters from spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Then slowly adjust the fuzzy growth when the filter is empty.

If you've never used a filter before, check out the video tutorial that Vimosoft added to the app's homepage. They can help you discover something new!


A whole range of unwanted objects appears in the frame. Don’t obscure the stickers, but obscure them because this is the very bad and lost natural beauty of the video.

In the mosaic function you have to locate the locate object. You can then traditionally select opacity for opacity or create a pixel chaos effect with a pixel.

This application is very professional

VLLO can be an application not only for entertainment but also for sub-creating your videos or movies.

e has hundreds of fonts and stickers. I was able to find a topic for which I wanted to create a sub for my favorite pancake tutorial video and then quickly post it on my YouTube channel. I can also add background music to make the video more compelling, giving my audience a sense of relief from the funny animated stickers.

Premium version Features

VLLO is a free application and it only offers free features. But, for those in need of more post-production and wanting to become a professional, these features should not be missed. They are offered in the store.

In addition, annoying ads are removed so that the user experience is not compromised.

MOD version of VLLO

MOD function

  • Premium Unlock: All the advanced functions and filters of the premium version are unlocked. All you need to do is download and install this application using the link provided in this article. You can use all the functions for free.


VLLO is a simple application because its functions focus on the general post-production requirements of videos. The developer team worked hard while users searched for data to find the tool they needed. Some are free, others have to pay. However, with the MOD version we provide you can experience everything for free.