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Jun 20, 2020
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Unlimited Money
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Galaxy Attack: This game is the perfect mix between ball explosion and space shootings. Welcome to the most antivirus warfare world - Virus War (Mod Unlimited Money). Name of the game, you can get a hospital simulation game or inactive game Think. But you were wrong! Is a shooting game inspired by the legendary Chicken Invaders game?

Summary about Virus War MOD APK

Name - Virus War

Publisher - Kunpo

Genre - 2D, Arcade, Offline

Latest Version - 1.6.6

Size - 65MB

MOD Features - Unlimited Money

Platforms - Android 4.1

Get over it

The game was published by Kunpo, a publisher from China. This name is brand new to the gaming community. That's right! You only have a few games on Google Play and the App Store. B.I.T, was a solitary, in his game, including games like a very new and unique. Since its release, more than 5 million Googe Plays have been installed and are growing steadily in the virus war that it reaches. As comments show a strong sense of how crazy people are about the addictive nature of this game. Virus "Spread" What the virus knows through the motions from the following article.


The virus is alive, not many people. It is a complete system of chaos and brings vulnerability. In medicine, the viral disease produces and there is no cure. In the IT industry, viruses have the ability to steal and destroy information systems. So it's time we teach them lessons. As shown above, the virus is a combination of war ball explosions and space shootings. You can easily control the entire game with the finger. The gameplay is much easier if you keep your spaceship moves on screen and drag shooting lasers. The virus appears on the screen to destroy them with your firepower.

Destroy all the viruses in the plane, you are at the next level. But be careful. A virus touches you will destroy the spaceship. At some level, the virus is almost visually covered by your screen virus. They are very efficient to move you do not want to fail in this fight. Just another disruption, you can pay the price.

In fact, you do not need to destroy any viruses that are displayed on the screen. If you find high turmeric refractory list viruses, avoid them cleverly. Virus War bouncing balls do not fly back to the screen as far back. Instead of all the enemies like Chicken Invaders, you can fly away and wait for the weak virus.

Upgrade your ships

Of course. If the virus is strong, even if you do not want to "rear" your weapons need. Get weapon upgrades or new ships coins to buy the car you used. Level 5 After you get to unlock the secondary weapon. The main weapon includes two upgrades, fire rate, and firepower. Secondary Weapons include two upgrades, strength and firepower. Depending on your strategy and style you can upgrade yourself these two hands.


Virus war is a feature similar to the passive game. On the right side of the screen, you will receive an indirect amount of coins per second. You can invest more coins to get bonus updates. This is a wonderful property. Now, instead of getting level playing coins every year, you feel free to upgrade your weapons with passive bonuses.


A very interesting concept. Viruspedia Virus has come up with a place to store all your information. Each type of virus has different abilities, you need to know this, you do not want to fail. For example, the ability to recover the virus for health could work unexpectedly quickly. You can distinguish viruses by color. Any information virus capabilities and proposals Viruspedia destroy them. Typically, you will get a small number of diamonds if you complete Viruspedia. Don't miss out!

Should We Use Virus War Mod?

You could not play 70 levels, the virus appeared a lot, and they have very high levels. In addition, they have many special skills that you feel confused. They also didn't get the chance to collect the virus penetrating the screen. If you want your weapons to become more powerful, you need to upgrade your weapons. However, the amount is much smaller than the required amount. In this case, our virus uses (MOD is unlimited money). Available with the money (coins and diamonds), you can buy weapons-free upgrades and their favorite weapon. Nevertheless, you must still have the unlock level required to reach for the new weapons.


There is not much about the graphics of what the virus says to war. The game is designed with 2D graphics with lots of color. I really think that when laser destroying viruses, visual effects and sound are pretty impressive. Kenpo does not appear on many elements yet allows the screen to allow players to see any object clearly.


A varied and intense combat virus war game worth your while with the free time you choose. For fans of the game, Chicken Invaders are both familiar and bring new emotions. When you are ready to virus war, immediately download games through the link below this article.