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May 28, 2020
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Introduction of Urban City Stories

The games developed by PlayToddlers are very humble and imitate the lives of children. These games talk about healthy habits, promote children's creativity, and promote social values. Although their goal is to raise children, these games are suitable for all family members, regardless of their age. PlayToddlers should mention Urban City Stories in a very interesting game, a game that is based on the construction of cities and creates a fun and exciting life.

Discover new life

Welcome to the city of dreams where you can do whatever you want. Urban City Stories gives you a free space to live your own style, set your own rules, and create interesting stories. The uniqueness of this game is that you will not be rude to perform only one task until the end. Sheriff, salesperson, housewife, or any superhero, you can do whatever you want.

There are many places where players can interact and experience, including the bustling cities and wide streets, including the two inner areas. Urban City Stories offers a wide range of places for player-selected businesses, such as police stations, supermarkets, cafes, ments apartments, fashion stores, youth clubs and bus stops, subways.

Choose your character

Urban City Stories features over 30 characters. In addition, the game lets you combine hairstyle, eye color, skin, and dozens of clothes and accessories, helping players create thousands of different unique characters. A fashion clothing store is always updated with unique items. The most up-to-date articles of the week are the place where players stay for hours.

As a sheriff, it is your duty to keep the beautiful city tidy. Keep the traffic flowing and make sure there are no hazards to city residents. Choosing to be a housewife will make your job easier. Cooking meals for family members and keeping the apartment clean and comfortable. If people want to win dozens of customers every day, choose the items they want, and ensure customer satisfaction. Perhaps the most enjoyable task is to transform yourself into a teenager or a girl, join a live youth club, and celebrate unforgettable music parties.


In urban city stories, gold and heart are the two main currencies. The better work you do, the more hearts you get (based on customer satisfaction) and get cash after completing tasks. The heart represents people’s ability to complete a task as well as people’s appreciation for you. It helps to get your reputation up. If you are a major, reputation is important because it directly affects your ability to complete your search. In the clothing store, gold coins are used to buy items, clothes, and accessories for the characters.


The user interface of Urban City Stories is designed with great 3D graphics, colorful and excellent picture qualities. The city, means, apartments, shops are carefully designed and the characters are also extremely diverse. Overall, it's hard to complain about graphics. Big moments are easily saved for the convenience of the camera. This allows players to save these photos and share them with their friends and relatives.

The game is categorized for children between the ages of 4 and 12. So the picture has bright colors, simple but beautiful. This gives the children an experience of joy.

About Urban city stories Mod

MOD Features

  • Unlock All: Unlocks all game content.

How can I unlock all content when using the MOD version?

  • Go to the bus stop.
  • When the unlock icon appears, you can unlock it for free.
  • The game will display the message as shown above, which means you have successfully unlocked all the content.


You could say that Urban City Stories is more a game for the pursuit of life than a simulation game. In your city, you can independently discover and experience new things. The developer is committed that the game is completely safe for children and has no advertising. But trust me, many kids will enjoy this game, not just kids.