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May 04, 2020
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Unlimited Money, No Ads
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Download the Turretz MOD APK version (unlimited money, no ads) and take part in fierce battles in the distant galaxy. Are you ready to fight

Introduce Turretz

111% of the developers ’ideas are always ready. I think if you have seen BBTAN 111%, Wild Tamer, or Turretz, their latest game you are very familiar with this. So what’s interesting about the tower? I am very happy to recommend this game to you!


Turretz began with a very broad global atmosphere. If the planets are in the process of evolving life, there is a risk that they will be destroyed by giant homeless species. People are threatened by the lack of housing, so they will have to protect their new homes in the future.


Turretz gameplay passes through space to control a planet and destroy incoming threats. To do this, the planet must be equipped with some weapons and the most basic type of system that the player provides is the base tower. The same type of ammunition is used, which is automatically fired without activation.

The controls are fairly simple. All you have to do is touch the screen to move your planet in all directions. The end result is evidence of an enemy attack. It is divided into large waves that are constantly bouncing on your planet. As you know, endurance on your planet is limited. When his health reaches zero, he spreads out and your game is over.

The challenge is growing

A planet always turns. So if he has to put missiles and shoot enemies, the bullets are also fired in different directions. The goal is not easy because this makes it a challenge for the players.

In addition, each wave of the attack has a limit point. The first level is 70, and if you pass it, a huge boss will appear. It only stays in one place and launches lethal missiles, it also revolves around and tries to hit your planet. But if you are smart and agile enough to avoid damage and kill the boss, you will have a short time to receive multiple bonuses and recover before hitting the second wave. Of course, the difficulty will be more in the next wave, when the form of the attack changes. Get in the habit!

Research your weapons

Skills alone are not enough to play a good game. They should be equipped with very advanced weapons backed by asteroids.

What does the weapon system have? Multi Turrett, Y Turret, Push, Rapid Laser, Splash Turret, Missile, and dozens of others. They are very powerful and have better skills than the revolver cannon I showed you at the beginning of the original game. In both cases, they are strong in terms of damage, fire rate, and a number of bullets per bullet. Multi-turret can fire three bullets at a time, while a rapid laser can fire continuous lasers to burn enemies in a specific area. I like this guy a lot because of his flexibility. They can also be updated to improve statistics.

In addition to these advanced weapons, you can unlock asteroids and satellites. It’s hard to know how useful they are if you don’t have them. In particular, these asteroids and satellites form a protective shield ring around your planet. Destroy all enemies that come close and kill them. Mooney can only be purchased for the first time if you experience the Turretz. It's very cheap, but on the first level, the speed of the orbit is very slow and the damage is not really great. You can upgrade to fix it.


I think your planet is basically blue and very boring. If you want to change it, go to the store. There are so many interesting things you can do to turn a new shirt on your planet. What about the green planet, which formed millions of years ago and whose surface is covered with diamonds? Or do you want a stormy planet that will make the earth look like an earthquake and a hurricane-like hurricane planet?

Turretz Mod Version

What is Turretz MOD APK?

  • Turretz MOD APK is a modified version of the original game. This gives you many advantages and makes it easy to achieve the goals of the game.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money when you start a game. Money also increases when you use it.
  • No ads.
  • Double coins.


With simple, addictive, but challenging gameplay, Turretz MOD APK offers you an excellent time of entertainment. Download this game and enjoy it now.