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Jul 01, 2020
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Tower Run is a new game for voodoo - a publisher known for entertaining games like Not All, Spiral Roll, Draw Climber ... Most voodoo games are simple but addictive in terms of gameplay and graphics. Is addictive. Players can easily estimate the content of the game from the title. When you go on the Tower Run, you have to build the largest human tower to stack people mostly and avoid obstacles, so as not to damage the tower.

An endless journey

At the beginning of the game, you will see that a girl will be constantly driving on a long, endless path. Your job is to help him reach the finish line. It just happens. They choose the time to touch the screen so that the girl can jump and stand on the people in front of her. There are many walls on your trip. With huge high towers, the main girl can easily pass and continue the journey.

The number of Tower Run levels is unlimited. It’s like an endless journey, you don’t have to create more pressure to finish it, you enjoy. It seems that the level of difficulty does not follow any order. Sometimes I find it easier to go through some of the previous levels than the previous ones.

Control method

No strangers when it comes to playing a voodoo game for gamers. All games from this publisher are based on simple, easy, and effective criteria (because they are mainly published on mobile devices). To build the tower of Obstacles players need to just touch the screen at the right time to overcome obstacles and collect more athletes.

The challenges are so varied that the game is never boring or repetitive. This way the player has many obstacles, walls, or gaps to avoid. Try to pass, but if it's worse, you should lose as few people as possible. Overcome challenges, get to the edge of the road, and win the championship.


During the Tower Run, players experience the race in a bright, colorful 3D atmosphere. Compared to other games, Voodoo focused more on its characters this time. The characters in the game become more personal if they only have eyes, noses, mouths, and clothes, not just models. The sound is also fun and helps players get a sense of relief when they experience it.

However ...

Tower Run is considered an innovative and innovative idea. But overall, it wasn't really successful and eventually got into the mistakes made by most voodoo games. Good idea, but the lack of quality control efforts has made the game interesting. Many users complain that the game is often left behind so it needs to be restarted so that those who come by can't see it anymore. The top-down camera can help my players look down and overcome obstacles. However, if there are too many people in the tower, the view will be restricted.

In particular, advertising appears much higher. I understand that free games need advertising to sustain development funding, but this affects the user experience. Coins received after crossing the level are meaningless. The player cannot spend money to buy something. Therefore, the motivation to reach the highest level is reduced. I think this game will be more interesting if the developer can use the money to unlock skins, boosters, or some interesting characters.

About Tower Run Mod APK

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money: The current version of Tower Run does not yet support purchase operations. In the near future, voodoo will add extra skins and items to improve the gameplay. At this point, you may need coins for this MOD version.


Although there are some limitations in terms of content and technology, Tower Run is generally good in gameplay. Visiting girls help you reduce stress. With fun gameplay, take on the daily worries of temporarily engaging in endless running journeys and building the world's tallest tower.