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Jun 03, 2020
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You can download To the Moon in full from Appstoreaccess. Take a trip with two talented doctors to save the life of a man named Johnny.

Introduce To the Moon

To the Moon is an adventure game that plays a role with fantastic, dynamic stories. The game is owned by Freebird Games and was released on PS4 before it was released on the Android platform. While the trend of today’s adventure games is to fight a little, the competition is considered exciting, the moon acts. No war, no smoking, To the Moon brings the story of a close and rustic life in which the efforts of two doctors are trying to save the life of a man named Johnny.

Initial structure

To the Moon is a story about the efforts of two doctors to keep the memories of a dead man together and fulfill his last wish. The protagonist of this story, Dr. Roslyn and Watts are two smart doctors who always dream of giving patients a second chance at life. Thanks to a special treatment procedure that only applies to die, patients, their treatment helps patients do things they could not do in their lifetime. Remembering the patient before the last breath is also the last thing.

When two doctors tried their case after trying to reconnect with the inconsistent events in the life of a man named Johnny, they realized why this fragile old man wanted to die the same way back. Was. The wish that this man lived for many years in his life was to set foot on To the Moon once.


First, the player can be mistaken for Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy because the To the Moon have the same style. But as I said above, this game has a non-traditional RPG design, no combat system, no item or event system like other games. Players can convert Rosalin and Watts, one of two doctors, to start the journey and explore the conspiracy.

You have to find the parts of Johnny's memory and then connect them to open the door of memories. Thanks to this, the player may disappear from memory when the current Johnny (he lives in the hospital) returns to childhood or another timeline.

While searching for memories, players need to interact with the characters on the NPC to get more clues about the souvenirs and memories associated with Johnny's life. But after searching and fulfilling his memory, it did not end. Players will need to re-engage in this memory to change characters and create impressive events that will help Johnny strengthen his belief in making the moon dream come true.

The controls are fairly simple. Players use only one finger to control the movement of the characters on the map, interact with, and interact with the NPC.

Graphics and sound

Despite having no great 3D graphics like other games, the classic Pixel graphics style attracts players to the moon. The vast space of Johnny's old home, the forest in which he hid his valuables, is confidently reproduced.

Sound is a big plus and contributes to the ultimate success of the game. The music is polite and deep, the story is closely intertwined with the story, flexible variations depending on the circumstances. So, the story of To the Moon looks like a classic movie that is full of messages, and those players can immerse themselves.

How To Install To the Moon APK

  • Download To the Moon APK and OBB file using the link below.
  • Open the file "".
  • Copy the "Com.xd.tothemoon" folder to the "Android / obb" folder.
  • Install the APK file.


To the Moon is a dynamic story, so the game had a lot of success when it received nominations for WIRED, Metacritic GamePot, and even the 2016 Steam Awards. Not just for fun, but it also brings many lessons with deep humanity about people, dreams, ambitions, and the meaning of life.