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Jun 02, 2020
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You can download TL Pro APK (Cheat Tool for Terraria) on Appstoreacess for free and use it to create resources and the best things for Terraria.

Introduction TL Pro

In addition to the well-known range of community adventure games like Metroid and Minicraft with the classic adventure game, Terraria is also one of the options you should not miss. This great game was originally only available for the PC version, but thanks to the unexpected success, two giants Rocket and Codeglu decided to launch a mobile version. Soon after its launch, it attracted a large number of fans and is considered one of the highest-paid games on Google Play.

If you are a Terreria fan, you probably know that collecting resources is the most important. Without enough resources, you can't explore anything or create adventures. In addition, it is very difficult to collect resources. While participating in the game, players only receive a pickaxe or ax that they can use to cut down trees and destroy the forest. Players have to spend a lot of time gathering resources before doing other things. With the TL Pro app we offer, players no longer have to worry about it. This app is like an energy ball and gives players power quickly, especially new players who want to explore fast.

What is TL Pro?

TL Pro is clearly a cheat tool for Terraria. It helps you activate/deactivate resources, money, endless health, energy, and endurance. If you want to explore the vast world of the game without worrying about its resources and possibilities, you need it.

TL Pro Features

After downloading Terraria, players will have to install and launch the APK version of TL Pro. You get a lot of resources that you don't have to spend a lot of time to collect. As a result, things like building a wall, building weapons, clothes, vehicles, or building a village can be done quickly. When night falls, monsters and zombies are ready to hunt. Although it is very strong and has the advantage of cheating, players can face it and fight against them.

After downloading the TL Pro, players get a collection of costumes without spending any time. Most of the costumes range from ordinary costumes to old gold helmets, mythical costumes like old shadow armor. Not only does it have an attractive appearance, but it also helps the player's character develop strong fighting skills.

Cheat menu

TL Pro has a cheat menu that allows players to enable/disable cheat functions. This is convenient because players can choose to cheat in cheat mode instead of using all the features of this app. Some popular chat features are endless health, endless mind, and endless battle. You can also turn Ghost mode on and off to make it invisible so enemies don't make it clear to you. Now players will not have to worry about being bothered when someone makes one. If you don't want to cheat, turn off the cheat board to play as the original version of Teriyaki.

However, there is one small minus point in the app that this cheat menu only works in single-player mode. It becomes useless if you play in multiplayer mode.

If you don't like the original Terraria card style, TL Pro will also solve this problem for gamers. This way you can download and modify other developers' packages (looks, characters, maps). If you want the picture of the game to be more unique and personal, do not hesitate to choose a different package for you.

Professional surface

The developers are also aiming for an intuitive, compact user interface so that the user interface of the original game is not much affected. The TL Pro user interface is built in a unique block style. Menu functions are professionally designed, intuitive, and may fall when not used to switch to another menu tab or swipe across the screen. It helps users easily navigate to categories where they need to cheat weapons, minds, bots, crafting items, and more.


TL Pro is a great app that saves time and makes it easy for players (especially new players) to access and complete the game. However, I think you should not overdo this app as it will lose the fun of browsing the game. To take advantage of the best features of TL Pro, players will have to pay to download Google Play. Although it is not very expensive, download the free version of TL Pro APK from appstoreaccess.