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Jan 31, 2020
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Second Maze
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Do you love adventure? Do you like adventure over vast lands? However, with the white door apk, you will have an exciting experience on an adventure based on a very different experience, based on the memory of the main character. Owner Corey Rusty has been released by the group. A. The white door costs $ 3.49, but you can download the APK file to us for free. Earlier, to get some information about the game.

Summary about The White Door APK

Name - The White Door

Genre - 2D, Adventure, Offline

Latest Version - 1.1.5

Size - 92MB

MOD Features - No

Platforms - Android 5.0

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The White Door is provided by a psychiatric patient, Robert Hill. He woke up in a psychiatric hospital and felt his memory was completely empty. Assist Robert face to gain your memory through strict customs and hospital rules and help faster. Robert's life began to feel frustrated with himself. Who is he? What brought him here? What happened to Robert's girlfriend? Look for the answer to the latest adventure game Rusty Lake.


Without sharp 3D graphics, this game-like painting is designed to paper very quickly. Black and white monotony and The white door highlights boredom in the life of the protagonist. Each day, it was locked in a room with the basics of everyday life. Robert's colors represent life. No feeling, no memories, no hope for the future. He lives then and tries to find his own memories.

The game uses an entirely new storyline method. White sliding screen is included throughout the room and details of the performances that assist you in celebrating the two small screens that interact with screen spending items. For example, if you do not have items on the table that is touching the desk, the second screen is displayed, you can read the newspaper. That is one of the effects of the game. Robert's room will always be viewed by anyone. Someone who knows the identity of the person watching them and why they are being chased. When Robert remembers who he is, this may have been the end.

Every day, if you feel like a slightly different room environment. The game brings you completely unexpected stories and events. You will feel the game itself.


The story is just words, and pictures were not told, it is also mentioned in Robert's voice. He has a mysterious cold and somewhat spooky voice. While playing this game, you will enjoy the charming and inventive background music. The soundtrack is by Victor Butzelaar Dutch composer.


About Gameplay, the White Door Game Click and Unlock Plot. The gameplay is very simple, but a lot of work in your brain has the effect of detection and solving puzzles. First, you need help, such as snacking Robert brushes, etc. Do not forget to open their teeth window as usual to do daily activities, as a nurse every day to check the calendar a few questions and stability of the year, your name, day, Robert to make the month to check.

Every day you will discover facts about Robert through his dreams. By describing the main character, you will know who they are, why they are mentally ill for a special room. Specifically, Robert's eyes will be light all night. Do you know why? White had left the door.

In addition, players need puzzles and puzzles to be tested for mental patients. To find the lockers password, you can do the required information by Robert related information on the table number, which is left little information or memories about Robert search patients.


The White Door Secret is an excellent choice for those who love the game and unlock the plot. Although horror games, the dark, white room look scary feeling dark background and scary scenes like a mysterious atmosphere. This game will generate your curiosity. After each day, the truth is that Robert will have to resolve slowly. You can share the comments below if you love this game and find something interesting.