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May 17, 2020
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Dark Dome
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Horror-style puzzle game, The Girl in the Window APK, will delight you, but create just as much sensation. Download the game's APK file, install it on your device, and explore the amazing story behind it!

Introducing The Girl in the Window APK

When it comes to horror-style puzzles, most people think of The Room, Limbo, or any version of the Cube Escape series. However, if you want to expand your experience and discover new stories, play The Girl in the Window. The game was published by Dark Dome and is currently rated 4. .. rating Is.


Fear of people starts The Girl in the Window in the city outside the city. Strange things are going on right now. The scene here is getting darker and every time there is a strange noise at night. Someone saw the silhouette of a long-haired young woman who often looked out the window at the city. This was normal, of course, until he found out that it had been abandoned 20 years ago and that a young woman had been murdered.


Behind these sensational images and trailers is The Girl in the Window, an interactive physics puzzle game. It’s interesting to put in the role of a detective. During your visit to the house, the door was accidentally locked, leaving you trapped. If you then try to escape from this dark place, you will have to solve a murder case 20 years ago.

Start the game on the screen. The text with the summary of the action is displayed. In an abandoned house you will have to find links based on household objects, connect them, and unravel the mystery of the fall 20 years ago. Everything can interact, you can touch something and it will be put in your pocket.

My first challenge was in the bedroom and in the living room. There was a closed closet with a sealing door. I thought I could find the keys somewhere. There was actually a key to the drawer under the TV in the living room. Thanks for that, I got a notepad called Diaries, but it was probably an incomplete written diary. It tells of a huge physically strange man, wearing a hat and a black lehenga. She panicked as she tried to enter the house for several nights. However, the young woman was not convinced when she reached her parents' ears and then left the diary.

Shortly after, I went to other areas and found a picture of this strange man hanging on the wall. I tried to find related items and that led me to the next challenge.

Logical game

The script "The Girl in the Window" continues. You need to fill in your inventory by collecting links and other items around the house. Interestingly, they can link and interact with each other. For example, you take a tape to play content and put it on the TV. However, the power cord was broken. You must connect it to the plug to connect to the power supply. Even secure with passwords. You need to find a way to open them because the secrets are mostly from within.

Overall, it's a fun and logical game. Over time, the puzzle becomes more difficult. To find a solution you need to find ways to connect objects.

Graphics and sound

The girl in the window is based on 2D cartoon style hand-drawing graphics. However, if you pay a little more attention, you will see that these details are quite mysterious and cool design. In addition, the graphics are paired with a scary sound that gives players a fairly scary location.


What happened to an abandoned 20 years ago? Who is a mysterious man who was once written in a diary by a girl? How is he involved in this case? Maybe only you can give the right answer. Download the girl in the window APK and explore now!