Thai apk Tag After School V5.0 APK

Thai apk Tag After School V5.0 Download latest Version

App By:
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
5.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 14, 2023
150.6 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up

Tag after School APK latest version's main character is Shota-Kun. The narrative progression of the game is affected by your decisions as it is a story-based game. Shota-Kun is reluctant to take part in extracurricular activities. He must visit the abandoned facility to face his fears. It is only with the player's help that he can make the right decisions and progress through the game unharmed.

It will be necessary for the player to move around the different spaces of the school and interact with a variety of characters. Graphics are excellent and the game provides a realistic experience. There may, however, be adult content in the game that is not appropriate for children.

Tag After School Apk lets players experience life as Shota-Kun. Based on the Shota Kun storyline, your unique choices and decisions will determine how the story unfolds. As with any individual, Shota-Kun will have to navigate life both inside and outside of school. No matter how scared he is, he will have to make some decisions that could have a profound impact on his life. So as a player, your job is to make sure he makes the right decisions for himself.

There is a beautiful and cinematic environment in the game. It looks exactly like a scene from an anime movie. In this way, players can enjoy a breathtaking view of the 3D graphics. Since it's a clicker game rather than a 3D simulation where you can control the character independently, you won't be able to take part in the actual actions. You can access different game areas depending on where you are in the story. You can also interact with many characters.

What is Thai apk Tag After School

Since Tag After School APK download for android has so many activities, many people have become interested in it recently. You can, for example, design your own avatar and change its appearance. You should pay close attention to the fact that there are different types of cheat codes available in order to play the game more conveniently.

Your phone's GPS is used to track your movements in the Android game After School APK. It is possible to play with any number of players in one location, but the more players there are, the more goals you will receive.

A lot of care and attention has been put into the graphics and the game offers a realistic experience. The game may, however, contain adult content that is not appropriate for children.

Tag After School APK Mod allows you to learn the local language of your choice through an online course. There are discussions, exercises, and reading materials included in the syllabus. The app is also available offline, so you can learn the language without internet access. A language can be studied at any time, regardless of your skill level - beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

As a result, you get an assignment with simple navigation buttons. It is easier to move between game sections without a complex screen filled with buttons. There is a Japanese high school environment in the beginning of the game.


When you download Tag After School APK Android game, you will feel like wearing Shota shoes. You will feel Kun's anxiety and the pressure he feels to make the right choices. You have to make quick decisions throughout the game, which will put you on your feet the whole time.

The game revolves around Shota-Kun, as mentioned earlier. Consequently, you have to fill Shota-Kun's shoes, which makes for hypnotic gameplay. You will see firsthand how anxious he feels when making decisions, and you will be impressed by his ability to make decisions in certain scenarios. The overall gameplay is also great, and the storyline is interesting. You will start the game as a lonely student forced to go to school.

After high school, you will also face all the exciting moments after graduation. When Shota-Kun leaves school, most of the interactions will be based on which direction he should go. Additionally, you must assist him in choosing a partner. The game also has multiple endings, so your choices can have multiple consequences.



Mizuho prefers to be by the water rather than on land. Swimming is more than just a sport to him; it's a passion, as his search for an entry-level grant shows. It will perish forever if you do not intervene and return to land.


As a result of having a family name, Akan's house is essentially his way of life. In the aftermath of being kicked out of school for bullying other students, he was left with an empty locker and a wooden sword. Can you trust her if you follow her or go to her?


New friends are on the horizon for the eager and jovial Kyoka.


Tag to School Mod makes the game much harder. There will be more enemies and traps, so you need to proceed carefully if you want to succeed. For a smoother gameplay experience, Tag After School APK MOD also removes in-app purchases and ads. You'll have fun playing this game if you're looking for a challenge.

The game's plot, which will keep you engaged throughout, is undoubtedly its best feature. This story is full of unexpected twists and turns, so you never know what will happen next.

It depends on your decisions throughout the game which of the various possible outcomes you experience. You will need to play the game several times to get all the endings.

As you read the story, you will get to know the characters because the plot is so touching. The responsibility for helping them overcome their challenges lies with you. You can feel their anxiety and fear.

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