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Apr 09, 2020
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Imangi Studios
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Unlimited Money
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Take part in the game Temple Run (MOD Unlimited Money) and become an explorer in the jungle, where you can find secrets and treasures.

Introduction about Temple Run

The birth of the game's underground surfer clearly shows how exciting the game genre of Infinite Runner is. It was soon founded by millions of players around the world when it was first released. And by the time you read this article the number has exceeded one billion. However, the idea of ​​SYBO games soon resurfaced. Temple Run is what I’m talking about, but with some new things in gameplay and new features, it will give you an unforgettable experience.

Gameplay with many challenges

As you know, the challenges facing subway surfers come mainly through obstacles. You can move static objects in the opposite direction or train objects in the opposite direction like a train. Temple run is much more than that. Roads are badly damaged, too small to drive, and sometimes without screen on both sides. This way also makes deep holes that can kill your character.

As you travel further, fog appears and obscures your vision. The game has a real indirect approach that tells you that if you want to explore the whole forest, your reactions should be better expressed.

In fact, the forest is vast. This creates an endless journey that no player has ever seen. The longer you run, the more you will see that the level of difficulty increases significantly as turns and obstacles always appear.

If you’re free, let try part 2 of this game, Temple Run 2.


The game gives you some instructions the first time you play. You can jump, down and slip, or turn left and right, and tilt the device to move left or right on the road. More control buttons also mean that developers create more challenges to meet them.

What is the reason for this trip?

There is a story behind the temple run. It tells the story of a group of researchers who entered an ancient forest and stole an idol of God in a cursed temple. When they get out, they see a huge monkey chasing them so they can win something.

In the end there was only one in the adventure team. He holds the idol in his hand and tries to flee in pursuit of death.

Many characters for the role-play

In addition to the standard character, Captain Guy Dangerous, you can use the gold obtained in this game to buy other characters. They are all outstanding people, intelligent, and experienced in the campaign. Scarlett Fox, a young girl with red hair, was introduced as a transient artist. The kimono-clad Karma Lee seems very difficult to move, but her feet are the fastest in the Far East. Or Jack Wonder, a rugby superstar with a blue helmet.


When you go to the side of the temple to dodge the evil monkeys, the game system will provide support items like coins and spells to help you overcome obstacles.

However, it is a fairly passive method and you should not expect it. Instead, update the power supply and utilities to help you play better. This character stays invisible for a long time to avoid any danger (improve the level at each level), disappears to avoid any danger or 2500 m to get a higher score from the start.

MOD version of Temple Run

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money: If you want to buy letters or update the index, but not enough money. Don't be upset. Our MOD version will help you.


In Treasure Hunt movies, the adventurer can touch everything that appears during their journey. But whether they deserve it depends on their courage and survival when they have to go through hidden traps with deadly traps. Temple run is the same and you are the main character. Try your best and get the old statue.