Tap Tap Breaking Apk for Android Free Download

for Android
Updated On:
May 14, 2020
App By:
ODAAT studio
Mod Features:
Unlimited Money, No Ads, Auto Breaking
Required Android:
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With the money available, you can upgrade your hero with the Tap Tap Breaking Mod APK (Unlimited Money) provided by us to strengthen you. Go to the download area and install it on your device now.

Introduction of Tap Tap Breaking


Overall, Tap Tap Breaking has the same gameplay as games like Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium or Idol Minor Tycoon. In this game, all you have to do is tap the screen repeatedly to break the character and modify it to give you more strength and endurance.

Each time he uses his hand to destroy objects, he receives a number of coins corresponding to the amount of damage. In return, his health will be less. If his health is zero, he will not be able to go beyond the sore throat. He takes a break to recover.

The complex power bar is located under the health bar. When a character breaks a broken object, the issue of attack increases. When he fills the bar, the character is in an unbeatable state, which indicates that his health is not deteriorating and this often increases his destructive power.

Breaking a lot of things

From the first moment, you start Tap Tap Breaking in training mode with a thin board. If you break more wood and have more power, new items will be unlocked. It could be rocks, dragon balls, a rocky mountain, or even planets and the sun! How far can you go with this human hand?

Improve your character

Tap Tap Breaking is a sport with the right balance and players need to keep track of that balance if they want a better experience.

As you can see, the character in the upgrade area has many features, including power per second, health, and speed of recovery. If you break these things down, it’s closely related. Imagine if you only improve performance but forget the pace of health, your experience will be blocked. The character can only launch a few attacks, after which he is seriously injured and takes time to recover. And if you speed up the recovery without improving health, the character will soon find himself in a similar situation.

Other than that, you should also consider significant performance. By default, this is the normal effect of x2. However, this number can be x3, x4, and higher after the upgrade.


There are three modes of Tap Tap Breaking. The default setting is the training mode I mentioned in the gameplay. Although it is an endless journey, their level of challenge does not really match the challenge mode. This model has many small steps. Only one object needs to be broken in each step. The number gradually increases after each round. If you pass all 10 rounds, you will receive a prize and advance to the next level. Instead of thin boards, solid objects are of course unlocked and replaced. You need to be more careful as this mode is time-limited. If you fail, you have to wait a minute to play it back.

Finally, the gold bar, this condition occurs when the character is in a state of extreme flash. Try to cut quickly as you get a lot of bonuses every time you cut.


Tap Tap Breaking has 2D graphics with bright colors. While it is fairly simple, the color of the characters and the emotional effects are designed in detail. In addition, you can enjoy entertaining background music attached to the sound when the sound tries to break the object by hand.

Mod Version of Tap Tap Breaking

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money: You have money in this MOD APK version. You can independently modify strength and health indicators for the character. Thanks to this, it can break strong things and unlock the last things in the game.
  • Automatic braking: Difficult levels of difficulty can be easily overcome.
  • No ads: You no longer have to worry about advertising videos.


ODAAT Studios has once again given players a perspective on mobile games. There is no need to play role-playing or watch shooting games with tape 3D graphics, as the experience of Tap Tap Breaking can change them completely. With a simple and addictive game, you will have fun moments. Tap Tap Breaking and smash the toughest objects in the universe!