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for Android
Updated On:
Mar 17, 2020
App By:
Potting Mob
Mod Features:
Unlimited Money/Energy
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Tales Rush! (Unlimited Money / Energy), developed by Potting Mob! MOD has achieved success in role-playing style thanks to its beautiful graphic design and varied gameplay. In this game, players will join their friends and take part in fierce battles with the dark side.


Fairy tales have become an integral part of every childhood. Surely we all want to transform ourselves into main characters in fairy tales, to be a beautiful princess or a brave hero. Rush such stories! you will not only realize this dream but also write your own fairy tale. You have the opportunity to meet famous characters like Alice, Tinker Bell, or Ninja, Alibaba, collect them in a team, and take part in interesting adventures. The beautiful kingdom is occupied by monsters and your only task is to fight to bring peace to your kingdom. Are you ready for crazy challenges, bloody curses, and thousands of troubles?


As a mobile game, Tales Rush! The controls are fairly simple. Players only need to use their joysticks to loosen and hide their fingers to control their character. The controls are not complicated and the player can move and act freely. It is important that you find a strategy to defeat your opponent as quickly as possible.


Tales Rush! Players offer a large number of levels with different challenges. In each level, players have to win two battles in a row to advance to a new level. The higher the level, the harder it is to defeat the monsters, and the greater their number. In some "special" levels, players face the boss. They are stronger, more powerful, and more agile, so it will be a big challenge. Don’t worry though, as special icons warn about the players ’appearance.

Tales Rush! Fight not only monsters but also monsters! Adding mazes or obstacles increases the challenge which makes your movement and battle difficult. The key to victory is that at every turn, players need a smart strategy to attack and defend in the most complete way.

Awards and items

After passing each level, the player receives cards with which he can strengthen the character to the next level. Some of the special cards that can be obtained are flexible - which makes the player more flexible, increases the speed of the attack - increases the speed of the attack, increases the HP - and increases the vitality of the character. In particular, some "rare" cards, such as demolition, can help increase the strength of enemies or potential points that defeat the character (controlling the monster's mind for the time being). Do not forget to collect the gold coins falling from the monsters when you kill them. If the monster is defeated, it will expand further drops of gold.


Throughout the story, you will find many stories and many characters with different unique skills. First, you have the option to use Alice - a giant sword or a magical girl with Alibaba - a ninja with the ability to use darts. The player is unlocked on many levels with some other unique hero characters. The sheer number of levels and the presence of monsters that do not recur, many will think they are more sketchy and symbolic. But on the contrary, they are carefully designed for attack effects by skill and size. All of the developer’s efforts are aimed at providing players with the most compelling experience for the purpose.

About the MOD version

MOD functions

  • Unlimited Money: With the available means of MOD version you can unlock and improve your character in the game. If you haven't seen the money opening the MOD version, don't worry. The money will not come if you use it.
  • Unlimited Energy Release: You need to use 5 energy to play the game. And you only have 20 maximum. If you want to buy more, you have to pay. The MOD version of Appstoreaccess with unlimited energy release features will help you to play as much as you want without worrying about energy release. In particular, energy release increases when you use it.


Tail sound! A nice action role-playing game with exciting battles. If you are wondering what game to choose to kill your free time, do not miss this great game. Please download this game via the links below.