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May 19, 2020
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Subway Surfers is one of the popular games by Kilo. It is highly valued by billions of players around the world. However, this developer also proves to everyone that the reputation they have gained today is not only due to this auto toe runner game, but also brings a fun experience to other games. Stormblades is a showcase, an action class product with fresh gameplay and exciting stories. Are you ready to explore?


There is the story of the daring journey of centuries-old Stormbeleds, where warriors try to advance their goal. There are treasures and myths in this ancient forest. Any warrior who can defeat these keepers and finish the adventure journey at the end of the ancient ruins is allowed to complete the ritual and write his story. Take your sword and start your journey now!


In Stormblades, the journey to find the treasure is divided into several levels, corresponding to the level you go through. There are many goalkeepers at each level. They are monster warriors who manage to stop those who try to dig deep into the room to find the treasure. This is the time to prove your strength and ability. If the character passes through rocks or narrow streams, it is blocked in front of the keeper. By swiping left, right, up, down, or diagonally, you start the slash to pull the enemy down.

However, it is not easy. You're just a normal person, he's a millennial warrior. He had large armor and huge weapons. So, the main point of this action game is that you have to block this slash by breaking the armor to harm the monsters. It's simple, you have to cut the opponent to prevent the attack.

If you can't respond to this attack, you can sometimes double-tap on the back. This is very effective as it both helps to escape and gives you more time to prepare for the next attack.

Upgrade your weapons

A warrior cannot be without his sword. Weapons that do damage and give the character special abilities. The lower the level of the weapon, the stronger and more clearly displayed it is. For example, Cruel Level 3 Longblade allows my character to do a combo-slabbing combo against an opponent and not give him a chance to strike back. At the end of this combination, there was a lot of damage that shocked the opponent and made him unable to stand. Thanks to her, I can continue to attack her many times. Of course, this ability can become stronger when you upgrade further, and the damage increases with each slash.


In terms of graphics, Stormblades offers impressive 3D graphics compared to mobile games. The surroundings are subtly colored to match the surrounding scenes, highlighting the old and mysteriousness of each tomb or palace wall, through which the character goes. Looking at the angles and graphics gives you the feeling of taking part in a real fight.

Music creates excitement and crowds. When you remove obstacles or hit a hit object, you hear a sound. When you fight monsters, you hear their screams, sometimes the pain of bruises and the sound of gunfire. Intense but also very real, you will soon like it.

MOD version of Stormblades Apk

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money: With a lot of money in the Stormblades mod APK version, you can unlock swords and upgrade to increase strength. As each sword grows, new abilities are unlocked. As a result, you can inflict great damage on enemies.


Are you ready to take part in a warrior ceremony, fight the legendary keepers, and collect treasures? Other warriors are ready to write their names in history. You should also download the game from the link below and start today.