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Oct 07, 2019
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Android 4.1
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If you like it simple and funny, you shouldn't miss Square Bird Apk, which is an interesting casual game of MOONEE PUBLISHING. It is an interesting arcade game about birds. Read here, many of you will remember the famous game of angry birds fighting against the green pigs, Angry Birds. However, unlike the Angry Bird, here you do not need to help the birds retrieve the eggs, but the bird's eggs should be used to bring the bird home safely.

First, it is difficult to believe when birds use it to play eggs. However, this is not a game, if you do not go home in time, the bird may be starving or eaten by a wolf. Therefore, it is better to sacrifice an egg than a cute bird to get in trouble and die. Right?


The story of the Square Birds begins with a good sense of the game, a beautiful square bird. Not only is she square, but her eggs are square as well. For some reason, the bird was in a hurry and fled as if fleeing from something. They need your help to quickly go home and build an egg tower to overcome obstacles along the way. Help him return to the windmill before night falls.

Play the game

In Square Bird, you control a bird to overcome obstacles along the way and help it get home faster. There will be questions as to why a bird doesn't fly? One simple and funny reason is that it has a fat and awkward body. Instead of flying, he was forced to cross the street. To overcome the obstacles, you have to put the eggs in the tower and walk with this tower. The height of each obstacle is different, so players must adjust the egg towers properly if they do not want to hit the obstacles and die.

There is a very simple way to control the game. All you have to do is touch the screen to give more eggs to the birds, and the birds move to the tower to remove obstacles. With simple gameplay with a touch like Flappy Bird and vertical design, you can play the game perfectly with one hand. Birds move very fast, for example, when done by a predator or wild wolf. Therefore, if you do not want the birds to attend other animal food, you should help them arrive home safely and quickly.

Overcome obstacles

In each square of a square bird, you can build very high. This helps the bird to go home more safely. At higher levels, however, it is more annoying when only obstacles are removed, but you also have to carry the bird through deep holes. Therefore, it would be more effective to set up high icy towers with obstacles. Especially with 3 full obstacles, you activate Square Bird Fever mode. This allows you to move faster and shoot bullets to break the barriers. However, getting this combination is not so easy!

Unlock Colors

After several levels, you get different colored packs to change the color of the bird and the egg. It helps you avoid boredom. Not only can you fool around colorful birds, but you can also unlock other colorful wallpapers. However, it only helps you change the visual experience and does not simplify the gameplay. Only your skills and tactics can help you win.


Square Bird graphics are very simple and not too sharp. All classes are aimed at birds, eggs over obstacles. The dots here are probably the game's colorful and vibrant colors. This way your gaming screen looks like a beautiful picture with many colors.

I like square birds

Square Bird is a simple game, but it's not like it's easy to play and win. Proper calculations from the player are required for all levels. It can be said that Square Bird is similar to Flappy Bird, with simple gameplay, easy to understand, but it can also make you crazy. But that is what makes us addicted and motivates us to play once. The game does not require an Internet connection. You can play offline anytime, anywhere.