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May 21, 2020
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Earth, also known as the universe takes out countless secrets hidden in space or place outside of the known and attracted all the attention. The subject has been used a lot of love since its biggest movies, video games, and has always been maintained. Go to Apply Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD Aliens Don't Exist, Or Is That An Interesting Answer For You?

Summary of Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD

Name - Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD

Publisher - ONESOFT

Genre - 2D , Action, Offline

Latest version -  1.384

Size -  76M

MOD feature - Unlimited Money 

Support -  Android 4.1

Get over it

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Game One Product  Onesoft that I am familiar with, not previously mentioned with the exciting Galaxy Attack publisher. Both games have a space shooter simulation style. You will find the aliens are real and they are trying to conquer our world. Straight story films familiar theme? But maybe it's really a day?

Galaxy Guardian

On a clear day, the sky is green and clear, but who knows how close to behind the earth whimsical white clouds that demon aliens invade their fleet. They send the squadron to stop them, destroying NASA. Only you, the only hero on earth, mission, with whom you protect the alien galaxy. The fate of all living things on earth is in your hands. You know how to do that?

Space War

Space Shooter advances the galaxy attack in space fierce battle. Where only you are hordes of invading enemies spacecraft. Without anyone as a partner, the only thing is to destroy the steering wheel, enemy targets that make sure you just cannon. But it is not your enemy's state of sophisticated spaceship just that will not be easy and you can attack again to take down. It's very difficult to work slowly everywhere!

Space Shooter Galaxy takes gameplay like the legendary game Chicken Invaders. From the beginning, you will be provided with a spaceship to fight a swarm of enemies. But unlike previous games, there is a very interesting performance improvement system throughout the game. Upgrade spacecraft and even enemy power! Before you know it you may have been easily defeated by foreign dark forces. But believe me, the honest side is always the winner.

Many dangerous enemies

Easy to kill soldiers in the first stage, gives you a powerful space in the shooter galaxy and attack the amount of monster machinery. It comes with dozens of new satellites with its varied functions. Be prepared at any time, especially if the last owners have the ultimate strength and skills that you eat.

How Chicken Invaders Attack Space Shooter Galaxy, you have to rescue the evil people from the hands of the galaxy. In addition, to which to admire its mysterious beauty of any other planet, you also have several dangerous enemies. With deadly weapons because such cannons fire meteors, laser bombs with countless modern spaceships ... they are ready to destroy everything. Increase rewards owners, reduce the number of bullets and get extremely high damage. So, to take down with them quickly, you'll have to dodge countless rounds of bullets in focus. Just hoping the earth, it makes it possible for humanity you too are not now at risk of a broken future.


Its power over the satellite is part of the conflict. Compare the galaxy faster than a normal ordinary spaceship space shooter attacks powerful enemies and modern spaceships. But you can also manually upgrade your spaceship more weapons or nuclear missiles. Spaceship power is perfect and ready, just waiting for the universe to bring peace to their fight and control.


One of the notable things about the Galaxy Attack, the graphics space shooter. It's like a movie with careful image quality, all great lighting and special effects in your games. Ships and missile monuments have come together to contribute to the various preparations of the war "Space War Party." Games will be for you to take his eyes off the moment.


With the alien shooter and galaxy attack now space shooter galaxy attack, addictive game Onesoft editor has proven its ability to create space combat game. So, sure are entering the space again calling war game. What do you expect, but do not get involved in the fight! "