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for Android
Updated On:
Jul 01, 2020
App By:
Supersonic Studio
Mod Features:
Unlimited Coins, No Ads
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Sort It 3D (MOD Unlimited Coins, No Ads) is a real entertainment game that does not require intense competition or hard work. You just solve the puzzle and have a little fun.


Sort It 3D is a simple intellectual puzzle game from Supersonic Studios. This is a great option for players looking for light entertainment. Sort It 3D is especially useful for children to promote intelligence and creativity. Colored ball puzzles do not hurt or harm children. I believe that this game will win the hearts of adults and children.


As mentioned above, 3D is simple and easy to understand puzzle games. Glass tubes filled with colored balls come on each level. The player's task is to move the balls out of the tube so that the balls of the same color are in one tube. The game is so simple that the game does not require time and tricks for any challenge.

The relief, however, is mainly at certain levels with certain balls and tubes, to help players use and master the game. The more you play, the harder it will be. As the color of the balls, tubes, and balloons increase, things become more complex. In addition to the need for quick hands and sharp eyes, players will be able to think logically when they are not confused and want to go crazy with colored balls. As a result, Sort It 3D players often get used to simple games. Try playing, I think it will immerse you in hours of experience.

The challenge increases

This 3D sorting increases the difficulty of each level as mentioned above. Compared to the initial level of simplicity, the challenge will be more complex and difficult. Remember that you can only move the ball to the top of the tube on another tube. No matter how difficult the next stages are, this is a test for the rest of you. If you stay calm to find the right strategy, I don’t think anything will be difficult for you. Do not let the colored balls make you refreshed and impatient.

If you're stuck at a critical level, you can ignore it by looking at the ads. There is also a way for you to calm down. Or if you go crazy for balls or accidentally sort them out in a dirty way, click the back button or reset the game to go back a few steps. Each layer contains more than one solution. Then face the small challenges by playing the old levels. This is a great way to study your creativity.

The game is simple but fun

If you find entertainment fun in battles or competitions, Sort It 3D can hardly satisfy you. The game contains only a series of puzzles. After completing a level, you will receive coins to unlock special tubes and balls. And of course great fireworks. Congratulations, you have won the level.

And of course, simple, free games will not lack advertising. However, this may not save you from interesting experiences. Proof of this is that Sort It 3D is one of the top 1 puzzle games in the United States. It is true that sometimes even small things bring luck.


This is a simple game, so Sort It 3D does not have very attractive graphics and details. With 3D image quality, the game takes you to the colored point with balls. The interface is specially designed to picture the soft sea waves, combined with melodic background music, which helps you to avoid stress during several hours of play.

Features of MOD version

  • No ads: Each time you complete a level, you need to watch the promotional video for about 30 seconds. It's very annoying. If you want to stop advertising, you can disconnect from the Internet, but you can not leave any level. For the game, you need to buy an advertising package so that you do not have to worry about advertising. Don't be upset! 
  • Unlimited Coins: The MOD version gives you many coins to unlock balls and tubes.


Sort It 3D is a really exciting and addictive game when there are no ads. However, there is a good time for you to simply disconnect from the Internet during a game. Given all these great things, there is no reason to delay downloading this game!