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Jul 03, 2020
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Fun Games For Free
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Unlimited Money
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Sniper 3D (MOD Unlimited Money) can be downloaded. Take part in this exciting shooting game and become the best sniper killer in the world.


The success of Sniper Shooter Free has earned Fun Game Free a name in the mobile gaming industry. This developer is still driven by the ambition to communicate with high-quality products in the community. Soon, they released a game similar to Sniper 3D, Sniper Shooter Free. It is a shooting game with beautiful 3D graphics that promises many exciting and interesting experiences for players.


Sniper 3D is a shooting game with a first-person perspective. Players play the role of sniper assassins, whose sole purpose is to destroy the targets assigned to them. The search system includes a list that the player can display, select, and select one by one. If you are a beginner, I would advise you to try lower-skill tasks first to learn how to deal and train more skills.

Most high-reward missions have several requirements, such as: b. The player who has the right weapon (required for the game). More challenging challenges require more real combat experience for you. Normally, one shot can hit the target, but if it's a headshot, you'll get more gold. Also, this is mandatory for some special tasks.

Sometimes an innocent person is killed "accidentally" by accidentally identifying the wrong target. When it doesn’t affect the amount you get, it scares and screams all around. Your target will smell of fear and quickly disappear into the crowd. You also understand that it is very difficult to shoot a running person, so you can play again. There are also cases where the target is fearless for a moment. You need to seize this opportunity to correct your mistakes and finish your goals quickly.

Online and offline mode

Sniper 3D supports both offline and Online modes. Mode Online mode helps players have more fun with friends around the world and compete for achievements and skills. In offline flight mode, players can play anywhere with many exciting and stressful missions.


As a shooter game for mobile phones, Sniper 3D has a fairly simple control system. Players simply swipe across the screen to adjust the cross-screen and aim and shoot. It sounds simple, but in fact it is not easy to work perfectly. Because the crosshair is affected by the wind, it always vibrates, making it difficult for the player to adjust. If the target is in close range, the level of impact is not high. However, with a larger range, the target is lower, so you may miss a little distraction. In addition, targets are not stationary but move very quickly, so high precision is required to land them.


When it comes to first-person shooter games, it is not impossible to mention the game's weapon system. Sniper 3D has a huge arsenal that you can experience. To unlock nice and good weapons, you need to increase your level to take part in missions and complete multiple missions to gain experience points. In addition, you can upgrade, buy, and sell many different weapons with gold coins in the store, which provides the game. One tip for you is that when playing offline flight, all types of sniper pistols promote better performance. Mode For online mode, you should use a shotgun or pistol for better results.

Graphics and sound

What appeals to me the most is that Sniper 3D considers 3D graphics, Cummins, cars, skyscrapers, and even small things like light reflection. Another admirable thing is that even the context of killing campaigns is very diverse, without giving the player a sense of repetition. The response of the sniper characters is not only the main goal, but there are also many people who have to be afraid of expressions and actions when an idea comes up. The noise is a big plus when the real simulation of bullets screams when their peaceful neighbor suddenly appears as a sniper killer.

Information about the MOD version

MOD function

Unlimited Money: High level, enemies are usually equipped with armor. So, you don't hit the target with just one ball. Your mission is a complete failure if your ball does not hit a target. Therefore, you need to update your weapons regularly (or buy new weapons based on mission requirements). Use the MOD version of APKMODY so you don't have to worry about money problems in this game. Money increases when you use it.


Overall, Sniper 3D is an interesting, exciting, and completely free shooting game. However, compared to the current market, the game was not a success and evolved on a significant occasion in the gaming community. But in return, it is very fun and excellent for relaxing after a few hours of stressful work.