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Oct 09, 2020
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Eureka Studio
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Skip school APK, one of the fun casual games that you should not miss. Download and install it on your Android device and enjoy entertaining moments.

Overview information

NameSkip school
PublisherEureka Studio
Version3.1.6 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Introduce elementary Skip school

When you Skip school you will again enjoy that moment of freedom, which will play the role of tumultuous management of a student who is always trying to run away from the management of the teacher. However, in real life, this will be more difficult. To be successful you have to solve a lot of puzzles and try to play pranks on your teachers.

The game

The game has a different gameplay than the escape game. Instead of trying to escape from the closed space/home, you try to manage the teacher and run away Skip school.

The protagonist of the game is a lazy and naughty student. He always tries to Skip school to read comics and make fun of others. However, the person who is most feared is his teacher. You have to help this angry teacher of this student, who wants to teach him a "lesson" with a big ruler.

Skip works like a Skip school puzzle. Using the indicator on your screen, find a safe place to hide from the teacher. You can also set traps to play a prank on the teacher.

The first level is very simple. It will help you familiarize yourself with how the game works. The first level gives you a large statue, touch it to hide. The challenge will gradually increase with each level. There are many answers, but only one is correct. You need to know how to use the data indicating the clearance level properly.

Fortunately, there is no time limit for every puzzle in the jumping Skip school. You can carefully consider each option before making a final decision. If it fails, don't be sad. Let's get started and find a better solution.


Nevertheless, Eureka Studio is the most creative developer I have ever known. With only one Skip school campus, the game comes with a crowd of pranks and the hidden places are extremely interesting. You can't predict this until you learn the game.

For some simple examples, dig a huge hole, wear it, and let your teacher do it for you. It will fall into the hole before it catches you. Or at another level, take an art class by pretending to be a model to attract other students. Isn't that interesting? But remember, you should not try these things in real life!

Use links

Skip to Break Out has the same puzzle style as the Skip school. Sometimes the answer is a little "silly" and a little irrational, which requires your creativity. There are no general rules for playing skip school. Each level suits the unique situation in which the player should observe, think, and try out the options that the player deems appropriate.

Skip school Out, the game also has no reward system for exceeding a certain level. If you're stuck and you have no idea, the only way to watch an ad video is to get a prompt.

How to handle

As an entertaining puzzle game, don't focus too much on giving up Skip school control. It has an intuitive interface and is very simple. Players touch to pick those things up and want to pick up those things and take them away.


As you play Skip School, you'll return from familiar classrooms such as labs, art rooms, baseball fields, etc. Skip School recreates the famous school scene with funny 2D brushstrokes with bright colors. Like an anime movie, the characters are best drawn with a sense of humor. Whenever the teacher gets angry, you chase endlessly between the hot teacher and the naughty student.

Especially if you ever skip it you will see that the sluggish employee has now changed careers and become a strict teacher in the abandoned school.

Download Skip School APK for Android

With hundreds of levels and loads of interesting puzzles, Skip School offers players endless entertainment and laughter after every stressful day of work. Download the game from the link below.