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Jul 07, 2018
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Aspyr Media
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iOS 11.0
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Civilization is a great game series with an exciting real-time strategy series struggle at the age of 25, more than a game of clash or padding; A nomadic tribe with a mission to bring the world superpower. Sid Meier, Firaxis Games' creative director All six parts of the series and design are in production, and in the sixth stage, though they brought an exciting game to a number of games familiar on the PC platform, Mac and phone.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI and bold reforms were the sixth players with extensive experience, the last in the series and the debut of its Android platform, Aspyr culture. Once you get the game, as it is to think about something else, it will be very difficult.

It's a tour of the tribe's land

The game gameplay you can make as soon as possible the foundation begins your own empire and make it a modern and developed empire. In this game you can compete with other players or AI and a large map of your area, real-time strategy gameplay will be built to expand.

First, you are the temple of the city and near the equipment and collect the establishment to expand your city. A small breed development to start their own organization, you will soon enough. Once you have enough resources, you must have your own army to protect and expand in the future to use it. , you need to know how to play diplomatic policy of the neighboring countries to build cooperative relationships to decide the war in our country or in the country to build a great leader. You will have all the powers of a true leader.

Once you know how to get out, use the city and the resources of your own country, you can start to take a winning position on the map. This game is a classic win-win situation, for example, you can win with their military power; Or if you want, you can rely on religion and convince the whole world to conquer. Other countries tracking you can get a variety of winning conditions, extend continuously gather Kingdom and tools.

It is many things, not to say a word to me. The gameplay of the game is quite complicated and it is not easy to go. Fortunately, there are enough players to represent the needs and the interface is easy to understand the details that I can do myself, to figure out the scientific and intuitive.


The game also brings sixth Civilization actual experience on the iOS platform. Rather than on a PC have not been adapted to run on multiple platforms before the sixth civilization. But it is still a sense of the best players and glamor. The PC version of the game with a lower resolution and more iOS version is different, but not perfect.

Graphics owners so that players can play the game on iOS drops bears a rational number, which is only supported on iPads graphics in the game, the PC version is no different. So can not the latest iPhone

I think that

How do you know? But I had to wait a long time for the iPad to play the game. Play it simple, that's a real quality game that I've got. The game, which I mentioned, played more conveniently because I can make the Mac version almost identical with the touchpad and keyboard.

But I really can play at the highest graphics quality graphics in addition to the PC version, with the satisfaction of Civilization VI. Mac and iOS version support retina. However, I still recognized as the most important and best judgment of the gameplay, the game's graphics let me in the game. Instructions on how which you can read you can imagine and not sharp lines?

Now you can download absolutely free iPad game experience. And if you want, you can buy the full version.